Indian Army Men break World Records on Royal Enfields

The Indian Army has a rich tradition of its personnel performing various stunts on Royal Enfield motorcycles. In fact, the Army even has a team called Dare Devils, which performs such stunts on important occasions. Recently, two army men set two new world records.

Indian Army Capt Manpreet Singh

Captain Manpreet Singh of Team Dare Devils has now broken a world record for ‘Longest continuous ride standing on the seat of a motor cycle’, by riding a Royal Enfield in this position for a whopping 75.2 Km in 2 hours 24 minutes and 12 seconds. The previous record was held by Ratnesh Pandey of Indore, who managed to ride a motorcycle for 32.3 Kms, standing on the seat. The previous record was achieved on 5th December, 2015.

Havildar Sandeep Kumar achieved a new record for ‘Handle Bar riding on a motorcycle’. He covered a distance of 46.2 Kms in 1 hour, 27 minutes and 31 seconds in this position. This is a new record category that the Indian Army has submitted to record books. The records were set at the Signal Training Center, Jabalpur.

The Indian Army has submitted these record setting feats to various record books such as the Guinness Book and Limca Book, and is awaiting certification. These records are likely to be published in the next editions of these books.

Via IndiaToday