Indian Army-spec Tata Safari Storme: Video reveals the 4X4 SUV inside out!

Tata Motors has won a contract to supply over 3,000 units of the Safari Storme 4X4 SUV to Indian Army. The SUV will replace the long standing Maruti Gypsy in the Indian Army, and will serve as a personnel carrier.

Indian Army-spec Tata Safari Storme: Video reveals the 4X4 SUV inside out!

The Safari Storme 4X4 that’s meant for the Army has many crucial changes. Here are the first-ever videos of the Army-spec Storme 4X4 that shows the vehicle in its full glory, inside-out.

As you can see from the videos, the Storme 4X4 SUV that Tata Motors will supply to the Indian Army will have an olive green paint scheme, which only the defense forces of India can use. The vehicle has a few key changes on the outside. There’s an antenna on the bonnet.

The SUV gets a pintle hook at the rear for towing while there additional spot lights on the front and rear bumper for additional illumination requirements. The vehicle’s badges and grille have been blacked out while the wheel covers get the same camouflage paint scheme that the body features. The left rear quarter panel gets a fuel can mount.

On the inside, things remain more or less similar to the regular Storme. The beige interiors have been retained while there are now flexible map lights at the front and the rear. There is a power steering as standard, and so is air conditioning. The cabin is totally sealed and this, along with air conditioning should make life for armed forces personnel a lot more comfortable.

The Storme 4X4 that Tata Motors supplies the Indian Army gets a 2.2 liter Varicor turbocharged diesel engine. This motor makes 154 Bhp of peak power and 400 Nm of peak torque. A 6 speed manual gearbox is standard. The 4X4 mode can be activated through a rotary knob placed on the center console. Both high and low ratios are offered for the 4X4 transfer case.

Video courtesy JMJW Automobiles