Indian Auto Expo 2014: Tata Nano gets an automated manual transmission (AMT)

Tata Nano Twist with an automated manual transmission pic
Tata Nano Twist with an automated manual transmission

Snapshot: Tata Motors has endowed the Nano smart city hatchback with an automatic manual transmission (AMT) and an open-able hatch lid. Also known as a semi-automatic gearbox, the AMT is essentially a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. This makes gear shifting hassle free as the driver doesn’t have to bother depressing the clutch pedal manually. 

A car equipped with an AMT does away with a manual clutch pedal. The AMT can function in automatic mode where the ECU of the gearbox shifts up and down automatically, and also in a semi-automatic mode wherein the driver has to shift gears, albeit clutch-lessly.

In a nutshell, the AMT offers the convenience of an automatic car while being less complex, more fuel efficient and cost effective. Tata Motors has used the F-TRONIC moniker to christen the semi-automatic gearbox.

The AMT equipped version of the Nano is still a while away from production. However, Tata Motors is seriously considering the AMT equipped Nano for India as the automaker is working on re-positioning the Nano as a smart city car.

The Nano AMT is likely to be priced about 40,000 rupees more than the recently launched, electric power steering equipped Nano Twist. With a power steering, a frugal petrol engine that supports CNG fuel and an automated manual transmission, the compact Nano is a serious contender for being one of the most effortless-to-drive cars in India.