Indian bikers BUSTED by China police: Here’s why [Video]

Going on a long biking trip to the Himalayas with a group of friends is probably one of the best things to do if you are a biking enthusiast. For the same, a lot of bikers go to Leh-Ladakh and the Himalayas in Nepal to witness the beauty of nature and get away from the usual hustle-bustle of life. To let you know, the Himalayan mountain ranges have some of the highest motorable roads in the world with the Khardung La pass being the highest motorable road of all. But things can go south in these areas pretty easily if you don’t mind your surroundings. The video below by Bulu Patnaik shows what happens when a group of bikers unknowingly end up riding into a neighbouring country while exploring the uncharted territory.

The video here shows a bunch of bikers from India on an adventurous biking spree across the Himalayas in Nepal. During one part of their trip, these bikers go to the Kora La mountain pass situated between Tibet and Upper Mustang. Now Tibet comes under Chinese jurisdiction and while one may not have any issues with going to Nepal from India, the same is not the case if you cross into Tibet without valid documentation. Engrossed in their own gala time, these bikers didn’t realise that they crossed into the Chinese territory while shooting videos and clicking pictures.

However, they realised about something is not right when an SUV approached them quickly with a bunch of Chinese soldiers in it. This was followed by two soldiers marching their way to the bikers and interrogating them about why they were here and what was their purpose. On getting to know that they just breached the Chinse territory, the bikers apologised immediately and said that they didn’t know that this was the other side of the border. There was a milestone which marked the line of control between Nepal and China and the bikers thought that the Chinse border started from the fenced lines situated a bit farther away.

Indian bikers BUSTED by China police: Here’s why [Video]

The Chinese army personnel then asked them to remove all the photos and videos the bikers had clicked on the Chinese territory. The bikers did the same immediately and led the Chinese army guys to believe that only one of them was taking pictures and videos of the place. This is how the video you see above was saved. For the uninitiated, Kora La or Korala is a mountain pass between Tibet and Upper Mustang. It is only 4,660 metres (15,290 ft) in elevation, it has been considered the lowest drivable path between Tibetan Plateau and Indian subcontinent. It is currently being planned as a vehicle border crossing between China and Nepal.

We advise all our readers and fellow enthusiasts out there to keep all the relevant documents with them when going to places other than India, even if its a friendly neighbour country like Bhutan or Nepal among others. Also, always be aware of your surroundings on foreign land as you might not be as lucky as these guys. While the police/army of the other country won’t harm you, they can still detain you for a few hours which is an unpleasant experience for sure. Best is to stay clear of borders and even if you go there, don’t be that daredevil to cross it just like that.