Indian bikes that will be future classics: Royal Enfield GT to Bajaj Pulsar!

We refer to cars as modern/future classics but not so often with current, everyday bikes. To put an end to that, we look at modern bikes that can go on to become classics in the future. With an increasing brand value, expect to see an increase in used prices, too. Here’s the list:

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i

Bajaj Pulsar 220

The Pulsar range has attained legendary status, owing to its positioning as a pocket-friendly yet enthusiast-oriented offering. But if we were to pick just one product from the line-up that can go on to become a classic in the future, then that has to be the 220 DTS-i.

What works in the bike’s favour is the ability to travel at highway speeds without feeling strained thanks to the 21 PS, 19.12 Nm producing engine, an increased rider involvement, and brilliant lighting. The styling, which is largely unchanged from the earlier versions (except for the inclusion of the fairing) is still relevant, even today.

Hero Karizma


Now discontinued, the original Karizma (later available as Karizma R) or ZMA as it’s known among the biking circle, is a clear future classic. The multi-talented bike was a clear choice of tourers in the country. The 223 cc engine might not be the most powerful unit but it was refined, had a strong midrange, and could go on for years without troubling the owner.

The styling of the later versions (including the current ones) is a let-down but the original bike stood out, in a good way. And while Hero Moto Corp has other interesting products expected in the future, the Karizma brand now lacks the charm of the old bike. Used bike prices haven’t soared yet, so buy one and cherish it all your life.

Hero Impulse


The on-off-road bike by Hero Moto Corp is one of the best Hero products in the market. It can handle bad or no roads really well, and if you’re planning to take on the Himalayas, this has to be one of your options. With fewer takers for the unique bike, it guarantees exclusivity, too.

The only big downside was the lack of a powerful engine. The 149.2 cc engine makes 13.2 PS and 13.4 Nm, which is okay for everyday riding and even a bit of off-roading. However with the dealer-fitted 223 cc engine (from the Karizma), the Impulse becomes a more complete bike. And that adds to its future classic status.

Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15

The R15, when launched, was the only proper way for bikers to improve their riding skills and ready themselves for bigger bikes. Even with an increased competition and a steady move towards higher capacity bikes, the 149.8 cc engined sportsbike is one of the purest ways of biking.

Still said to be hugely impressive on the race-track, the R15 comes with what’s easily one of the best chassis and engine combination on sale. The rev-happy engine (mated to a very smooth 6-speed gearbox) works well with the Deltabox frame, and it’s always in the mood to have some fun.

Royal Enfield Continental GT


While the Classics and the recently introduced Himalayan might have managed to steal the spotlight from the Continental GT, but this is one of the most sublime bikes the company has produced. The 535 cc engine has the trademark RE thump, but the light chassis makes it a hoot to drive.

Quality issues aren’t uncommon but if there’s a Royal Enfield that loves corners as much as the straights, then this has to be it. And it looks gorgeous in the new GT Green colour.

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