Indian car driver vs American cop, caught on video

The Indian police force is famous for not being polite while enforcing laws. There have been cases involving citizens and traffic police force of the country, many of  which have turned out to be ugly. Here is a video that shows an Indian car driver in the USA pulled over by an American cop for a traffic violation. Things get interesting from here on.

What exactly happened?

The cop in the video is seen handing over a citation to the Indian driver and the driver can be seen arguing with the cop. The driver says that he did a “full stop”. We are not sure for which offence the citation is being handed over to the car driver but it seems like that the driver did not bring the vehicle to complete stop at a zebra crossing or a traffic signal.

The car driver keeps on arguing and says that the cop stopped him for no reason and he has a kid on board. He refuses to sign the citation at all. The driver keeps on arguing that he did a stop but the cop explains that the driver did not bring the vehicle to complete stop. The cop then says that he will not argue with the car driver at the spot.

The cop remains calm and tells him that if he feels that he did not do anything illegal then he should head over to a traffic court and argue the citation. The cop also explains that signing the citation is not an admission of guilt and he can still head to the traffic court to challenge the citation.

The cop also explains that if the car driver fails to sign the citation, he will be under arrest according to the law. The Indian is still not convinced with the signing idea and he says that he will not sign it because he’s not guilty.

The traffic officer then asks him if he’s going to sign it or not. The Indian can be seen getting advice from someone in the vehicle and then signs the citation quickly. The cop then hands him a copy of the citation and also wishes him to drive safely.

Who is at fault – The American cop or the Indian driver?

Indian car driver vs American cop, caught on video

The video clearly shows how the driver is clearly refusing to sign off a legal document while the police officer can be seen calm and composed. The argument part can be commonly seen in India after a cop stops a vehicle for an offence. Cops in India may have adopted a different and more aggressive behaviour to deal with such people.

In the USA, there may be a lot of citizens who argue similarly with the cops but a majority of the population accept the facts and then take the legal or other courses to deal with the problem, unlike how it happens India. From the video, we learn that it has to be a two-way thing if we want nicer cops on the road.