Indian car thieves arrive in an Audi to steal BMW: Video

Car theft cases in Delhi NCR have been on the rise. Every 15 minutes, a case of a stolen vehicle is reported in the region, which is massive. What is also worrying is the fact that the number of stolen vehicles recovered by the cops has decreased by 15%. Thought your high-end car was safe and you didn’t need to worry? Think again. A video below shows how easily a BMW is stolen from a posh locality in Noida.

What’s happening here?

The thief comes in an Audi A7 so as to blend in. He surveys the location a few times beforehand to possibly plan an escape route. What is also shocking is the fact that this happens during broad daylight. As we can see in the video, the guy just walks upto the car, opens it and drives off.

How did the thief manage to steal the BMW so easily?

The thief was caught later. They just walked into people’s houses randomly and picked up whatever they found. One such house had the keys to the BMW lying on the table and he took the keys and drove off with the car. And that explains how easily he made off with the high end car.

Why are high-end cars easy targets?

Most high end cars come with a key-less go system, which enables the driver to have the key in the pocket and drive without having to manually insert it anywhere. Though convenient to use, they are also easy to be stolen. Where a physical key is present, it has a unique RFID chip which needs to be matched in order to start the car.

In a key-less system, the same technology is used. But these can be defeated by using a device that plugs into the OBD-II port to reprogram the immobilizer module. The video below showcases how easy the system is to use.

This shows that even without a proper key, a car immobilizer can be re-programmed in under 2 mins. One way to prevent this is to obtain an OBD look which is placed above the diagnostic port to prevent people from accessing it. Since an OBD port is barely used, it will not really affect the owner much as well.

Main reasons for theft

  1. Lack of proper parking space is one of the major reasons for the high number of thefts. Since most people park on the road, it becomes easier for thieves to access the car.
  2. Policemen not trained well enough to handle such a situation.
  3. Thieves going high-tech as well. They are buying software like the one mentioned above which is making it easy for them to steal the cars.
  4. Since demand for popular cars are high both in the used car market and the parts market, these cars are mainly targeted as profits are large.

How to keep your car safe?

  1. Park in a secure location where ever possible, especially in lit arear with security guards
  2. If you cannot do the above, install a gear lock or a steering lock in your vehicle.
  3. Nowadays GPS trackers are available that will give you real time updates from your car. Get one installed on your vehicle so that it is easy to keep a check on.