Indian cars of the 70s: Watch the Standard Herald in action [Video]

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for automobile manufacturers. In recent years, we have witnessed the entry of several new manufacturers, such as Kia, MG, and many others who came to India to explore its potential. However, this is not the first time that India has seen such an influx of new manufacturers. In the past, several manufacturers like PAL and HML had introduced international models as Indian versions. One such car that gained popularity in the 70s was the Standard Herald sedan. Although it is no longer in production, the car is considered a vintage gem, and there are still several well-maintained examples of it in India. In this video, we get to see a Mark III Standard Herald sedan in motion.

The video showcasing the well-maintained Standard Herald has been uploaded by Jubin Joshi on his YouTube channel. The Standard Herald was manufactured in India by Chennai-based Standard Motor Products India Limited (SMPIL). Herald was originally a model manufactured by the British car manufacturer Triumph. Standard Motors initially imported parts from Britain for the production of the car. However, they later made several changes to make the car more suitable for the Indian market. The video features a Mark III Standard Herald, which was specifically designed for Indian customers.

The car featured in the video is in excellent condition. It has been repainted in a beautiful violet finish, and there is no visible sign of rust on the entire car. The front bumper, hood or bonnet, and side fenders are all made of fiberglass. The hood and fenders are a single unit that can be easily opened by pulling the chrome-finished lever on either side of the fenders. Once the lever is pulled, the entire front end lifts up, providing access to the engine area and exposing the frame.

Indian cars of the 70s: Watch the Standard Herald in action [Video]
Standard Herald

The Mark III Herald stood out from its predecessors due to its unique design. While all other versions had a four-seater, two-door design, the Mark III featured rear doors, which was more convenient for Indian customers and well-received by them. The car showcased in the video is a 1972 model of the Standard Herald, and it appears to be well-maintained both inside and out.

The car features round headlamps with an eyebrow-like chrome strip running over the bonnet. A chrome strip is also present in the middle of the bonnet, and the Standard logo can be seen on the hood. These elements are well-maintained by the owner. In the video, the rear of the car is displayed, revealing a shark fin design for the tail lamps, as well as chrome-plated hubcaps. Overall, this Standard Herald Mark III sedan is one of the best-maintained examples in the country.

The Standard Herald was equipped with a petrol engine. Initially, it had a 948-cc engine that generated 34.5 Bhp. Later, a 1147-cc engine that generated 39 Bhp was introduced, followed by a 1296-cc engine that produced 42 Bhp. After the Herald, Standard Motors also produced other cars for the Indian market, such as the Gazel and 2000.