Indian Chief-style Modified Royal Enfield Classic: Regal looks

Indian Chief-style Modified Royal Enfield Classic: Regal looks

The Royal Enfield community loves to customize their bikes to match their tastes and the example we’re showcasing today seems to have inspired by the Indian Motorcycles Chief and antique designs. The modified bike featured here started life as a Royal Enfield Classic and now looks quite brilliant and properly old school.

Royal Enfield Indian Modification

While the shape of the original bike has been retained there are quite a few modifications to be seen most of which has been wrapped in leather. The most prominent changes include the large rear bumper and the new luggage panniers on either side of the rear wheel.

The bumper sports integrated turn signals. The panniers themselves which are wrapped in leather also feature the taillights as the stock one has been removed from the rear fender. Other sections that are wrapped in leather include the side panels and the mudguards. The seat too has is wrapped in leather and looks like a saddle used by a cowboy for a rodeo event.

Royal Enfield Indian Modification 4

However, it is not just the leather that makes this bike so opulent. The modified Royal Enfield classic features quite a whole load of golden accents which really make it look like somewhat of an antique. The headlamps shroud covers up most of the headlamp housing leaving just a rather small opening for the light. It looks rather odd but still quite cool. Other sections where the gold accents can be seen include the handlebar grips, turn signal housings, and on sections of the fuel tank, chassis, kicker, centre stand, and rear helmet holder that is mounted on the rear mudguard.

There are quite a few other changes on the Classic as well. The stock instrument cluster has made way for two dials. The bike also features handlebar raisers to give it more cruiser-like ergonomics. The front forks have been given a matte black finish. The modified bike also sports crash guards at the front and the rear both of which are wrapped in tightly wound thick black thread, which is rather odd.

Royal Enfield Indian Modification 3

The changes on this Royal Enfield Classic from West Bengal make it one of the most unique thumpers on the roads of India today. Some may find it a bit too ostentatious, we are quite sure the owner must be quite pleased with the result. After all, the Indian Chief which seems to have inspired this modified Royal Enfield Classic costs around Rs 20 lakhs.


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