Indian Cop Busts foreign biker on Royal Enfield: What happened next would surprise you [video]

In India, driving or riding comes with its own set of challenges. There are potholes, people and cattle roaming on the road and there and some of the roads are pretty confusing as well. Here we have a video from a foreign vlogger who got busted by Indian cop for riding on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Karl Mark who is a foreign motorcyclist was on his way to Goa for the Rider Mania which Royal Enfield organises every week. On the day when he was riding from Vadodara to Pune, he had missed the exit and continued on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Here is the video that shows what exactly happened next.

The video has been uploaded by Karl Rock on his youtube channel. In the video, the vlogger mentions that he had started from Vododara, Gujarat and was planning to reach Pune. He was not alone on this trip. Karl Rock and his friend were both riding to Goa to attend Rider Mania. The vlogger was riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan. He had missed the exit on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and once he reached the toll booth, one of the security officer on duty there stopped him and asked him to pull over.

The biker followed the officer with his bike to the side of the road. The officer was initially not aware of the fact that the motorcyclist is a foreigner. Once he realised that, he started asking more details like nationality and were he was riding to. The rider explains the whole scenario and it seemed like the security officer was not able to talk to him properly because of the language barrier. The officer then called one of his seniors who could communicate in a better way.

Indian Cop Busts foreign biker on Royal Enfield: What happened next would surprise you

The other officer who came asked him the same set of question again and told him that bikers are actually not allowed on the Expressway. Normall, if a biker enters an Expressway, then he has to pay fine but, here in this case, the cops actually let Karl Rock off and also gave him advice. They also explained the right way that the vlogger and his friend were supposed to take. The reason why they let Karl Rock go without any fine was because he was ‘India’s guest’ he did not not the rules exactly.

The friend with whom he was riding unfortunately was not lucky as Karl Rock. He had to pay a fine for illegally riding on the expressway. The vlogger mentions that he had paid Rs 200 as fine. The vlogger also mentions that the cops do accept bribes and if you get caught for traffic offences negotiate. This on though was a proper fine and not bribe.

The reason why two wheelers are not allowed on expressways is because it is dangerous. Most of the bikes that are sold in India are commuter class and are not that fast. There is windblast and other faster vehicles on the expressway which makes riding any bike on the expressway a dangerous task.