Indian cop pleading with 8 member family on a TVS XL Super: Story behind the viral photo

India is a vast country with a huge population. Most citizens face transportation problems, especially in the rural areas where the public transport system is still developing. People often resort to overloading of vehicles leading to accidents but the police find it extremely difficult to curb such misuse. In the past, we have seen many cops pleading with violators to not do such things. Here is one more picture from a latest incident that took place in Karnataka.

Indian cop pleading with 8 member family on a TVS XL Super: Story behind the viral photo

The police officer can be seen pleading to the family of 8 who is sandwiched in the step-through scooter together. There are seven kids on the two-wheeler with an adult riding it. Astonishingly, there are 4 children fitted in front of the step-through while three more children are seated behind the rider.

Police officers can fine such people but they also know the situation and do not issue a fine to such people on humanitarian grounds. However, they do make them understand the possibilities of accidents and how dangerous it can turn out to be if the scooter goes out of control. None of the riders aboard was wearing a helmet or any other safety equipment. The police officer can be seen with his hand folded in front of the person. The kids look very comfortable on the bike and looking at the picture, we can figure out that this is a daily thing for them.

Last year, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic East, Bengaluru had shared a similar picture where a cop can be seen pleading to a family on a bike. That time five people were aboard including three adults and two kids. After getting fed up by the repeat offender, the cop started pleading to him for not doing such misadventures.

Even in cities, many people ride triples on two wheelers and get caught by the cops. Overloading a two-wheeler increases the weight that in turn makes it difficult to handle. Even small potholes can take away the stability of the bike and it can turn into a disaster. Also, the extra weight increases the momentum that in turn increases the braking distance of the bike. If necessary, one should make multiple trips to ferry the passengers but should not ever overload the vehicle.

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