Watch Indian cops go crazy over a BMW superbike [Video]

In India, traffic police flagging down a vehicle does not always turn out to be a pleasant experience. Well, with the number of performance motorcycles increasing on the roads, there are quite a number of cases where cops stop superbikes and issue a fine for various reasons. In some cases though, the cops do act enthusiastically and just want to check out the expensive motorcycle that you’re riding. This is one of the rare cases where the police stopped the superbike rider and were more interested in his bike than the documents.

The video put up by RideWithKC shows an interesting incident that happened to him sometime back. This incident took place between Mumbai and Madurai and got recorded on his camera. The rider was munching the miles on the open highway when he reached a police barricade and the cops wave him to stop for a routine document check. The rider on his BMW R1200GS stopped the bike and the video shows a bunch of cops surrounding the motorcycle.

The cops surrounding the bikes were quite inquisitive and can be heard asking questions to the rider in a friendly manner. The rider also replies to all the questions. The police then ask about the journey of the bike and routes that he covered. The biker then showed the documents on his mobile phone. More police personnel join in and start asking questions to the rider.

Watch Indian cops go crazy over a BMW superbike [Video]

BMW R1200GS is a massive motorcycle and the cops also check out the size of the bike. When the cops duly check the documents and are satisfied with it, they ask the rider if they can click pictures with the BMW RGS. The video further shows them clicking pictures with happy faces.

The incident took place when the biker was entering the Tamil Nadu state. There are quite a many motorcycle enthusiast in India but the high import taxes on such bikes keep them away from their dream machines. The BMW R1200GS stopped by the cops costs around Rs 22 lakhs, which remains out of budget for many in India.

This bike can cost up to Rs 22 lakhs, depending on the variant. It gets powered by a massive 1,170cc engine that generates a maximum power of 124 Bhp of peak power and 125 Nm of peak torque. It is a twin-cylinder engine. Many call the R1200 GS as the SUV-bike and in the true sense, it can climb on almost any kind of terrain and is a perfect motorcycle for long expeditions.

This is not the first such incident where the cops were more interested in the motorcycle rather than the documents. In the past, there have been quite a few similar incidents where the cops ask about the top-speed, fuel efficiency and power of the high-performance bikes after stopping them.