Indian cop's Maruti Gypsy locked with a wheel clamp for parking in no-parking zone

Indian cop’s Maruti Gypsy locked with a wheel clamp for parking in no-parking zone

While there have been many cases of cops flouting traffic rules and easily getting away with it, a new development has taken us by complete surprise. Seen below is an image of a cop’s Maruti Gypsy that has been locked with a wheel clamp for unauthorized parking. What’s more, the Gypsy belongs to none other than the DGP, Mizoram.

While it’s not known if the DGP has paid the fine, it’s rather heartening to see that action has been taken against a senior member of the force for parking in a no-parking zone. After all, it’s not every day that a senior traffic police officer gets fined for breaking the laws. Like we said, there have been many cases of cops clearly flouting the rules and getting away with it due to their position. The Municipal Corporation of Mizoram, however, seems to have no qualms about taking action against the DGP.

We are pretty sure that this incident will send a strong message to many cops who regularly violate traffic rules. It looks like being a police officer will no longer act as an immunity from being fined for a traffic rule violation. We believe that the conduct of police personnel should be of the highest order as they are the ones who need to set a good example for the citizens.

Earlier this month, the authorities in Mizoram were in the news for imposing the odd-even system to ease the traffic congestion in its capital Aizawl. This is the first time the odd-even scheme, which originated in New Delhi, has been put to use in a Northeastern state. For almost a year now, the Coordination Committee on Traffic Management has allowed the usage of private vehicles in rotation. This is also expected to make the city more pedestrian-friendly.

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