Even Indian cops love the Suzuki Hayabusa: Proof

Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most popular or well known superbike in India. Even a person who is not interested in bikes or cars would easily recognise it on the roads, thanks to Bollywood. Over the years, superbike culture has really picked up in India, just like in the case of cars, expensive cruiser, sports and superbikes are becoming a common sight on our roads. We now have several videos on the internet about superbikes. Some share their ride experience whereas some share an incident that has occurred during the ride. Here we have a video that shows popularity of Hayabusa.

The video has been uploaded by TURBO XTREME on their YouTube channel. The video shows the reaction of Uttar Pradesh Police after they spotted Suzuki Hayabusa up close. The video starts with the vlogger riding back to Delhi from Agra on his Suzuki Hayabusa. He is not alone and has other superbrikes and cruiser motorcycles in the group. They are all riding through narrow city roads and they are attracting attention because of their sporty exhaust notes.

Soon, they enter a fuel pump and by the time, group was done with refueling, there was a huge crowd waiting to get a glimpse of these motorcycles outside. The vlogger and his group rides through the crowded city roads and finally join the Expressway that goes towards Greater Noida.

Even Indian cops love the Suzuki Hayabusa: Proof

After riding in the busy city roads, the group got a straight stretch of road and then utilised it by riding it at great speeds. Within no time, the vlogger had reached the first toll booth on the expressway. As many riders were left behind, the vlogger and couple of other bikers decided to wait for them to cross the toll. Meanwhile, two police officers who were at the spot got interested in the Suzuki Hayabusa. There was a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14-R and a ZX-10R parked right next to it. Both officers seemed to be interested in the Hayabusa and started checking it out.

The Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle is actually widely popular among Indians as it has featured in several Bollywood movies. The Police officers then sat on Hayabusa and started posing for pictures. They took couple of pictures and then started admiring the motorcycle again. The video does not show the cops checking out the other two bikes but, it looks like they were more interested in this bright red Hayabusa with white racing strips.

Soon other bikers joined the group and the vlogger left the spot. The Hayabusa seen in the video is the older version. Suzuki recently unveiled the 2021 version of their flagship motorcycle. For the first time in 13 years, Hayabusa has received a change. Although the design is recognisable, Hayabusa now looks a lot more sharper and gets elements like LED headlamps, turn indicators and tail lamps, TFT screen on instrument cluster and so on. It is powered by a 1340-cc inline 4-cylinder , liquid cooled engine that generates 187 Bhp and 150 Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with bi-directional quickshifter.