Indian cricketer Rishab Pant injured after Mercedes-Benz crash: Breaks window to escape burning car

Indian Cricketer Rishab Pant escaped narrowly after his Mercedes-Benz was involved in a major accident today morning. The incident happened when he was returning home from Delhi. His Mercedes-Benz met with an accident on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal.

Rishab Pant was injured in the accident and according to the information, he had injuries on his forehead, legs and back. Pant was initially admitted to Saksham Hospital in Roorkee. From there, he was referred to Max Hospital in Dehradun.

Pant was driving the car himself. The car caught fire after colliding with a divider. The latest pictures of the car show that the vehicle is completely gutted in fire and only alloy wheels remain intact. Everything else including the cabin of the car was gutted by fire. While we are not sure about the exact model of the vehicle, it is likely to be a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

We are not sure how the vehicle caught fire though. Pant says that he had to break the glass of the car to get out. This means there was an electrical malfunction after the accident, which caused the doors to not open. In such accidents, the locked doors automatically open after sensing an accident.

Indian cricketer Rishab Pant injured after Mercedes-Benz crash: Breaks window to escape burning car

Pant also said that he might have fallen asleep while driving, which caused the accident. He was driving the car alone as per the information available. Currently, he is out of danger and the treatment is going on.

Driving fatigue can cause such accidents

Due to consistent driving, which requires a lot of attention on the road, it is natural to feel tired. However, what’s more, important to do is to keep note of that fatigue and take a break for some rest or energy drink before completely falling asleep. This way, one can avoid bigger damage which can lead to an accident, which can not only be fatal for that particular vehicle driver but also for other motorists driving around him.

Here are some tips that you can use to avoid such accidents:

  • Take request breaks. If you’re driving over a long distance, a break every 60-90 minutes is advised to keep your concentration level high on the roads. The brain cannot concentrate for a long time without a break and it is very important.
  • Driving in the graveyard hours, which is just after midnight to the early morning will make you feel sleepy. The body clock will try to shut your brain and take rest and you can fall asleep on the wheels easily.
  • Highly caffeinated drinks like espresso and Red Bull will immediately wake you up but in a short time, the effect of caffeine goes away and that’s when you start to feel even more tired than before. Caffeine dehydrates the body. The only way around this is to park the vehicle and take a nap.
  • Make yourself uncomfortable, if you’re feeling sleepy. Turn off the AC, crack open the window if you cannot stop and take a rest. The body cannot fall asleep easily uncomfortable if it is less tired.
  • If you think that you’re on boring roads, take a quick stop, walk around, check your social media, or play a game. Do anything that engages your mind and your concentration level high on the road ahead.