Indian Cricketer Rishab Pant’s Mercedes-Benz crash: CCTV footage surfaces online

Indian cricketer Rishab Pant was involved in a car accident earlier today. The cricketer was travelling to his home in Uttarakhand from Delhi when this accident happened. The accident happened at around 5:30 am today. The cricketer was travelling in his Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan and the accident happened on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. A CCTV footage from the spot where Rishab Pant’s accident happened has now surfaced online.

The video has been shared by News18 Virals on their YouTube channel. The CCTV footage is not clear as it is winter season here in North India and there is fog on the road early morning. There is not enough light on the road which is another reason why we cannot see what happened. All we see in the video is Rishab Pant’s Mercedes-Benz crashing into the divider and hitting the street light pole on the divider. We do not see any other car on the road when this accident happened. Thankfully no other cars or vehicles were coming from the opposite lane.

The next clip in the video shows the Mercedes-Benz burning on the crash site. As of now, there is no clarity on what actually caused the fire after the accident. This video was probably recorded by a person in his smartphone, who was passing through the same road after the crash. The same video also shows injured Rishab Pant in it. The Indian cricketer can be seen bleeding in this video. The injury to his forehead is clearly visible in the video. Rishab Pant was alone in his car and was driving home. He was initially admitted to Saksham Hospital in Roorkee. From there, he was referred to Max Hospital in Dehradun.

Indian Cricketer Rishab Pant’s Mercedes-Benz crash: CCTV footage surfaces online

At the end of the video, a person can be seen showing the accident spot in broad daylight. In this video, we can see that the car crashed into the divider and flew to the other side of the road while hitting a street light pole. Rishab Pant had could had to break the glass of his car to escape from the burning car. The doors were all locked which means, there might have been some sort of electrical malfunction in the car after the accident. In expensive cars like the one that Rishabh Pant was driving, the door lock automatically after they sense an accident.

Rishab Pant might have fallen asleep while driving the car and that might have been a reason for the accident. According to several media reports, Rishab Pant was driving a Mercedes-Benz  GLE43 AMG The cricketer is currently out of danger and doctors have confirmed to media that the cricketer has suffered minor injuries only. If you are driving a car at night, it is always recommended to take breaks to ensure that you don’t feel tired. It is natural to feel sleepy while driving on empty roads and that too late night or early morning. If you are feeling extremely tired, best option is to just park the car on the side of the road, take a quick nap and then continue to the journey.