Indian cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav’s Nissan 1-Ton is a Mahindra Thar underneath: Here’s proof

Last year, Indian cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav made news for buying a heavily customized green-coloured Nissan 1-Ton. While most fanboys went gaga over this mammoth vehicle, we have learned that this vehicle is actually a heavily modified Mahindra Thar underneath. A YouTube video from Dayakaran Vlogs shows how this Thar-based 1-Ton was customized to meet the requirements of the cricketer. Now Surya Kumar Yadav has sold this vehicle and he is no longer the owner. He clarified the same through his social media.

Indian cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav’s Nissan 1-Ton is a Mahindra Thar underneath: Here’s proof

There are multiple signs that the vehicle is not the original Nissan 1-Ton. The first apparent sign is the suspension set-up, which looks oddly similar to Mahindra Thar. There are other significant signs that this is not the original Nissan 1-Ton. There are tons of other vehicles available that are based on the Thar or Bolero chassis. Due to the rising demand, such fake vehicles are readily available.

The video features a detailed walkaround of the heavily customized Mahindra Thar, which has been transformed to look like a Nissan 1-Ton. The vehicle has been painted in a cool shade of neon green and has black highlights all around, giving it a massive road presence.’

For this heavily customized vehicle, the modifiers have restored the original bodywork and glass panels. The vehicle also has added protection such as covers for the grille and headlamps. The modifiers have equipped this vehicle with all-LED headlamps and tail lamps. Adding to the vehicle’s street cred are the massive off-road spec tires, giving it a tough appearance. The door panels resemble those of a Mahindra Bolero, evident in their appearance.

When the presenter of the YouTube video opens the driver-side door of the vehicle, it is apparent that this is a first-gen Mahindra Thar underneath. The cabin layout, including the steering wheel, instrument console, and dashboard, was sourced from the Thar. However, the cabin has been heavily modified with customized upholstery, roof lining, seat covers, and floor cover. The vehicle also has a portrait-styled aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, and a sunroof to give it a modern touch.

Original Nissan 1-Ton

The original Nissan 1-Ton, which was licensed for use by the Indian army in the past, was a single-cab vehicle. There are many modified double cab examples that are based on the original chassis of the 1-Ton or 4W73. However, Surya Kumar Yadav’s version of the 1-Ton is a proper five-seater vehicle based on a Mahindra Thar. Under the skin, this vehicle also has several mechanical components of the Thar, such as the front suspension member and the overall chassis. Even the registration certificate confirms that this vehicle is originally a Mahindra Thar.

While heavily customized vehicles may look cool, it is not usually legal to drive them on Indian roads. One must obtain special permissions from the local RTO office to drive such vehicles, which are granted under special circumstances.