Indian doctor gets a 100 car & truck ‘salute’ for treating over 200 Coronavirus patients in USA [Video]

Coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world and currently, the United Nations of America is the most affected by it. Thousands of people have died because of the COVID-19 and lakhs of people are infected and are in hospitals. Treating these patients are the doctors who are working round-the-clock to save the patients and bring them out of danger. While in India, many health workers including the doctors are facing the wrath of the residents because they work with COVID-19 positive patients, an Indian doctor in the USA received huge gratitude from the US residents for her work.

Dr Uma Madhusudhan, an Indian-origin doctor who is from Mysore and studied in her hometown has become a sensation. A convoy of over 100 cars can be seen passing in the USA where she stays and works now to honour her work in the medical field. The clip shows the doctor standing outside her home in the USA while a number of private cars, police cars and even fire trucks do a parade to honour her. The vehicles are also honking while the fire trucks play the siren for her. Several people also get down from their cars to position the “Thank You” placards. Even her neighbours can be spotted holding similar placards for her.

She can be seen standing all through and thanking everyone for the honour. Dr Uma Madhusudhan is treating patients at the South Windsor Hospital in the US. It is not known since when she is in the US and treating the patients there. However, people can be seen giving her huge respect for the work she has done.

Doctors around the world are receiving a huge appreciation for the kind of work they have done to treat coronavirus patients. Since it is a highly contagious virus, the first line of health workers like doctors is at the highest risk of catching the virus. In fact, there are many doctors around the world who have been infected while treating the patients and have died because of it. The authorities around the world are working to provide PPE kits to the doctors and other health workers to ensure their safety. However, there are not enough kits available, which is leaving the doctors and health workers exposed to the virus.

Indian doctor gets a 100 car & truck ‘salute’ for treating over 200 Coronavirus patients in USA [Video]

Back India, the government has imposed a complete lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. Only people in certain jobs are allowed to work and come out of their homes with the necessary permission. The current lockdown will be lifted on 3rd May but it may get extended depending on the situation. Earlier, the government increased the lockdown by two weeks to control the situation in the country.