Indian drives Toyota Tacoma pick-up from USA to India in 53 days [video]

Road trips and Overlanding has become a lot more common in India after the second wave of the pandemic. Many people are investing in modifying their vehicles to make it more suitable for long road trips and camping. We have seen such videos online and some of them have been featured on our website too. While some are travelling through the length and breadth of the country there are many people who have done cross-country trips. Unlike the trips within the country, cross-country trips are bit more difficult as it includes a lot more paperwork, permits and visas. Here we have a video of an Indian who travelled from USA to India by road in his Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.

The video has been uploaded by Ride And Drive on their YouTube channel. The video shows Mr. Lakhwinder Singh, who drove his pick up truck from USA to Jalandhar in India. Lakhwinder is a 53 year old living in the USA and he bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck for $60,000 USD for this trip. A lot of planning had gone into the trip and he even mentions that the idea for this road trip hit him during the pandemic lockdown. It took him around 3 years to plan the complete journey and he mentions that getting visa was also a problem in many countries like Iran and Pakistan. He mentions that it took him around 1.5 year to obtain Iran visa.

Lakhwinder started his journey from Sacramento, California. From USA, the car was shipped to UK and the journey from London to Paris crossing the English Channel, was covered in 37-38 minutes by transporting the car by train. Lakhwinder also mentioned that he applied for single entry visa for all the countries. Due to this, he cannot go back to USA by road. He has printed a sticker and explained his route in the same. Trips like this are quite expensive and keeping a track of fuel costs is difficult. Lakhwinder can be heard saying that he didn’t bother about the same swiped his Credit Card.

Indian drives Toyota Tacoma pick-up from USA to India in 53 days

As he drove through 23 countries, he had experienced different things in his journey. He mentions that Europe had some really good roads. Germany’s Autobahn was the best with no speed limit. He drove the Toyota Tacoma to 250 kmph mark. During this trip, he paid 4 fines for speeding. 1 of them was in Serbia, 2 in Turkey and 1 in Pakistan. As Europe had an automated system, he is not sure whether he has any fines there. As mentioned above, in this journey, Lakhwinder drove through 23 countries and it took him around 53 days to cover all these countries. During this journey, he covered around 22,000 km and complete cost of this road trips was around Rs 1 crore. This was not a sponsored trip and the expense was completely borne by Lakhwinder only. Road trips like this are extremely challenging both physically as well as financially. If you do not have a proper planning, a lot of things can wrong in such trips.

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