Indian engineer-becomes truck driver in Canada: Explains how he makes 50 lakh/year [Video]

Many young graduates are seeking opportunities abroad and migrating to countries such as Canada with the hope of a better standard of living. Often, these individuals choose to pursue higher education and subsequently apply for a residence visa to work in the same country. Many Indian students who migrate to Canada end up becoming truckers, as this profession is better paid compared to their home country. The lucrative compensation is one of the main reasons why many people choose this path. In the following video, a vlogger describes the life of a trucker in Canada and the average earnings one can expect in this profession.

Most trucking companies compensate their drivers based on the distance they cover. On average, a trucker in Canada earns 55 cents per mile. However, the amount may vary for shorter distances. A trucker can make up to 1700 Canadian Dollars per week by driving a truck. In rupee terms, this amounts to over Rs. 4 lakh per month or over Rs. 50 lakh per year. The vlogger also notes that if a person owns their own truck, they can earn more per mile. It’s worth noting that the requirements for obtaining a truck driving license vary among provinces.

The YouTube video was uploaded by Gagan Kalra – Canada on his channel. In the video, the vlogger interviews an Indian who has been residing in Canada for an extended period and works as a truck driver. The interviewee mentions that he came to Canada in 2012 to pursue higher education. After completing his studies, he explored various employment opportunities and found trucking to be an interesting profession.

Indian engineer-becomes truck driver in Canada: Explains how he makes 50 lakh/year [Video]
Indian driving truck in Canada

At first, he worked on long hauls, where he transported cargo from Canada to various parts of the United States and within Canada. The interviewee mentions that he is an engineer by profession and he acknowledged that Canada is home to many well-educated and experienced individuals. When it comes to trucking both long and short hauls are available, with short hauls being similar to regular jobs where drivers deliver shipments to nearby areas only. Long hauls, on the other hand, constitute a way of life where truckers spend most of their time on the road and have limited time with their families, spending most of their time in the truck.

In the later part of the video the trucker proceeds to showcase the interior of the truck, which is equipped with a cab at the back where the driver can rest while on the road. The vehicle also includes provisions such as a refrigerator and cabinets to store personal belongings. The driver then highlights some of the controls inside the truck, including the 13-speed manual gearbox in his own vehicle. He notes that a trucker can drive for a maximum of 70 hours per week and must take proper rest and report for duty before starting the next week’s shift. The driver also displays the logbook that every truck driver maintains to track their trips and working hours.