Indian engineering students build an electric Micro Car called the ‘Delight’ [Video]

A recently concluded Auto Show in Hyderabad saw many participants displaying their vehicles. One of the most interesting cars showcased at the event was the Delight electric micro car.

Indian engineering students build an electric Micro Car called the ‘Delight’ [Video]

The electric micro car was built as a final year project by a group of three people. It is a two-seater electric car, which has similar dimensions of a motorcycle. The car is aimed at the daily commuters who do not want to get stuck in the traffic. Because of the small dimensions, the car can pass through small gaps during heavy traffic situations.

A disclaimer on their Facebook page says that the vehicle is just a handmade prototype and parts from different vehicles have been used to build it. The post also mentions that various altered components and custom built parts have been used to make the car and the design of the model has been filed for the patent.

Elaborate information is not available about the car but a placard placed beside the vehicle at the motor show gives out information about the estimated range, which is about 160 km, and the targeted top speed of 90 km/h. The car will also get semi-autonomous features, infotainment system, driver airbag, ABS and world-class interiors.

Indian engineering students build an electric Micro Car called the ‘Delight’ [Video]

The micro-car can be a seen in a video put up by the makers. The makers aim to develop the most feasible commuter car which will be suitable for all types of need. The makers also say that the car is being with an aim to replace the two-wheelers from the Indian household as the car will provide better comfort and safety.

The capacity of the battery used or charging time of the vehicle is not known yet. Also, the cost of operation and battery replacement is also not known as of now. The manufacturer may reveal more details in the future when the car gets its patent design.

Via: TBHP, Delight FB Page

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