Indian Goldman’s Audi Q7 SUV Busted For Tinted Windows [Video]

Audi fined for tinted glass

If you have been on social media, you may have come across videos featuring gold-wrapped cars on Indian roads. Sanjay Gujar, an entrepreneur from Pune, is known for modifying almost all his vehicles in this manner. He loves the yellow metal so much that he is often seen wearing heavy jewelry, in addition to modifying his vehicles. Recently, the Pimpri Chinchwad police stopped an Audi Q7 luxury SUV owned by Sanjay Gujar for tinted windows and issued a fine.

The video, seen here, was shared by ABP Majha. In this video, we see a gold-wrapped Audi Q7 luxury SUV being stopped by cops on the road. The officers on duty have opened the door of the SUV and are removing the tint from the window.

According to reports, the local police have stopped Sanjay Gujar and his friends several times for the same offense. However, it seems that the fines do not seem to affect them at all, as they continue to drive the car with tinted windows. The cops not only peeled off the tint from the window, they also issued a fine for this offence.

If you check Sanjay’s Instagram profile, you will find that almost all his vehicles are modified in this manner. We already know that any type of modification that is not approved by the RTO is considered illegal in India as per the rules. At the moment, there is no rule in the book that specifically addresses wraps. Some states allow you to change the color of your vehicle and endorse it on the RC, but some states do not allow that.

By wrapping a car, you are not actually changing the color. A person can simply peel off the wrap to reveal the original shade. In order to avoid getting into such trouble, it is a good idea to wrap your car in a shade that is similar to the original color. In this case, the owner has wrapped the car in a golden shade, which definitely attracts attention from cops.

Indian Goldman’s Audi Q7 SUV Busted For Tinted Windows [Video]
Audi fined for tinted glass

This is probably the reason why cops have stopped this car several times. The main reason why the cops stopped the car was because of the tinted windows. In most metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, cops keep a check on such violations. However, when you move to cities like Pune or even some parts of Uttar Pradesh, you would find people using their cars with tinted windows.

The question of whether tints should be allowed on cars is an extremely controversial topic to discuss even today. The major reason behind using a window tint is to reduce the amount of light entering the cabin and also to reduce heat or sun glare. Tinted glasses do make a difference in cabin temperature.

There are several benefits to tinted windows; however, it should be noted that any kind of aftermarket tinted window is not allowed in Indian cars. Some car manufacturers are offering UV-cut glasses from the factory, which are also effective.

In this case, though, Sanjay Gujar had installed tints with less visibility, and we do not recommend using them at all. Installing jet black tints on windows should not be allowed, as it affects the vision of the driver and blocks the vision of the people standing outside.

The reason why tints were banned was because there was a rise in the number of crimes in cars with tinted windows. This was done to ensure that crimes happening inside the vehicle can be spotted by bystanders easily.