Watch Indian grandma BUSTING bikers riding on the footpath [Video]

In India, motorists following the traffic rules are rare, especially on the crowded city roads. Due to the lack of patience, and shrinking road space, motorists try to get ahead of the traffic jam and slow-moving traffic by either taking the wrong side or getting on the footpath that is meant for pedestrians. Well, two wheelers often ride on footpaths, making the life of pedestrians quite difficult. There have been quite a few incidents in the past where pedestrians have got into a tussle with the bikers for using the footpaths and here is another similar incident where a senior citizen got out onto the footpath to enforce some order.

The video, which became viral on social media platforms is appreciated by many. The incident happened in Pune, where a senior citizen identified as Nirmala Gokhale can be seen forcing the bike riders and scooter riders to get off the footpath. The video is from the busy stretch of Canal Road near SNDT College, Pune.

It shows many bike riders getting on the pavement and the senior citizen standing like a wall in front of them. The lady can be heard saying that if you want to continue to use the footpath, you will have to hit me to go through. Else, you should get down and use the road. The youth after hearing this gets down from the footpath and joins the traffic.

Many social media users have asked the authorities to take strict action against the people who flout the rules and violate the traffic rules. Even Pune Police have replied on Twitter and said that they will work on it.

Watch Indian grandma BUSTING bikers riding on the footpath [Video]

It should be noted that riding on the footpath is illegal in India and the cops can even seize the vehicles. However, most city traffic police forces do not enforce the rule strictly and it becomes quite a disaster for the pedestrians. Such motorists also force pedestrians to walk on the main road, which increases the cases of jaywalkers and the number of accidents.

Bikers and two-wheeler riders from around the country do similar stunts. To get ahead of the traffic, they get on the footpath. Such motorists also increase the jam when they rejoin the flowing traffic and block the lane when getting down from the footpath.

The cops should take strict action against such rule-breakers across India to ensure that the footpaths remain free of any such motorists. The motorists should know that doing such things also worsens the traffic condition and it affects a lot of people on the road. This is why following the rules are important and give a secure place to the pedestrians to walk without disturbing the traffic.