Groom And Friends Throw Money Out Of Mercedes, Jaguar On Highway [Video]

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India is known for its extensively celebrated weddings, which last a few days. Weddings in India are meant for the celebration of the occasion of two people tying knots for life. During this occasion, many families who want to flaunt their wealth do so by making expensive arrangements in exotic destinations and providing expensive gifts and other things. However, this particular groom decided to flaunt his wealth by throwing money at the convoy of cars following him to reach the wedding destination. The video of this unique method of celebration and show-off has been recently shared online.

Money thrown out for celebration

The video of this particular groom and his friends throwing money while driving in a convoy of multiple cars has been shared on Instagram by Tyagi Bhumihar on their page. It starts off with a number of currency notes flying out of one of the cars in the front of the convoy. The video then pans to show the groom standing inside a Mercedes Benz C-Class convertible sports car. He was also throwing out money on the road over the other cars.

Groom And Friends Throw Money Out Of Mercedes, Jaguar On Highway [Video]

We can note two white Jaguar XF sedans, an Audi A4, a couple of Mahindra Scorpios, an MG Hector, Hyundai Verna, and a number of other cars in the convoy. Apart from this, we can also note a number of these cars decorated with flowers. Additionally, the friends and family members of the groom were seen standing out of sunroofs of various vehicles in the convoy throwing out money. Now whether these currency notes were real or not is unknown. However, most likely they might not be real as throwing this amount on an empty stretch of highway does not make much sense.

Groom And Friends Throw Money Out Of Mercedes, Jaguar On Highway [Video]

Not the first such case

This is not the first time people have thrown out money on public roads. Back in August of last year, a video from Jaipur, Rajasthan, became viral. In this particular video, a man dressed in a costume from the popular Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ was seen showering cash on a crowd while standing on top of a car. This incident took place outside Gaurav Tower in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. The viral video caught the attention of a lot of people on various social media platforms.

The person in the video was seen wearing a Salvador Dali mask inspired by the web series. Also, he was fully dressed in a costume worn by the character in the series. He was seen calling out to people while standing on top of the car. And then after this, he opened his bag and started throwing out Rs 10 and Rs 20 notes on the public road. Following this incident, it was reported that the police quickly took action and found out the details and interrogated him. The police authorities then stated that the man did this stunt in public was to gain fame on social media.