Indian kid drives MG Gloster luxury SUV: Totally illegal [Video]

India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world daily and only a handful of these accidents are reported officially. With the rising number of highways and cars on Indian roads, these numbers are only rising. Safety has never been paramount for the Indians and this video shows how lightly we take it. A viral video of a kid driving a full-size SUV – MG Gloster shows an underage kid driving the vehicle while his father recording it casually. The kid is driving on the public road.

The video uploaded by the father of the kid shows the child sitting in the driver’s seat and navigating the massive SUV. The father can be heard giving instructions to the child as well. It seems like the child recently learned to drive the vehicle as the father can be heard clearly giving instructions on the video. This is not a fake or edited video as we can clearly see the dashboard, steering wheel and centre console.

While the kid is not driving at high speed, he is using the public roads to show his “driving skills” and it is illegal to do so. While there are no other vehicles on the roads, anything can go wrong and the vehicle can be involved in an accident. Since the vehicle is not being driven by a person who holds a legal driving license, the insurance company will not offer any cover.

Not a rare incident

Indian kid drives MG Gloster luxury SUV: Totally illegal [Video]
Kid driving MG Gloster

We have seen many such incidents in the past as well. In 2019, a child was spotted driving on the outer ring road of Hyderabad. The shocking video shows a minor child controlling the steering wheel of a Maruti Suzuki Alto on the road. The person recording the video also shows the face of the child who was in control of the steering wheel at that moment.

Penalise the parents

According to the new MV Act, there are provisions to fine the parents and give jail terms to them. Last year, many parents were sent to jail for allowing their minor children to drive vehicles. Unless the parents are punished strictly for such incidents, we will keep on seeing such experiments. Minor driving vehicles can be extremely dangerous. If the parents are enthusiastic and want their minor children to drive, we urge them to take to the private closed tracks. Driving on private tracks does not require a license. There are many youngsters in India who are much younger than 18 years old, which is the legal age of getting a driving license and are professional racers.