Indian kid driving MG Gloster SUV on road shows how lightly we take safety [Video]

In India the legal age to obtain a driver’s license is 18. Depending on the country where you are, the legal age might differ but, there is no country in the world that would allow minors to drive on public roads. In India however things are slightly different. We have seen many kids driving cars and riding motorcycles and scooters on our roads. They do it with the permission from their parents which makes things even worse. Here we have one such video where a kid is seen driving a MG Gloster SUV while his father is recording the video of him driving the same on road.

The video has been uploaded by Raja Sahab Jabalpur on their YouTube channel. In this vidoe, the father of the kid is recording the video and the child is seen sitting on the driver’s seat of an MG Gloster. The father instructs him to start driving the car and kid takes his foot off the brakes and the car starts moving forward. A portion of the dashboard, steering wheel, kid and th center console is visible in the vidoe.

The kid is not driving the SUV at high speed. The SUV is being driven on public roads. The father pans the camera to the front to show the same. The video shows that the kid is driving the car through a residential area at night. There are no vehicles on the road at the time, when the video was being recorded. MG Gloster as we all know, is the flagship SUV from MG in India and it comes with long list of features including ADAS. The father even asks which feature does the kid like about the car to which he replies 360 degree camera and the panoramic sunroof.

If you may notice, the child is not wearing the seat belt. Although, the kid is not driving the car at good speeds, wearing a seat belt is first thing one must do after getting into a car. In this case, if the kid wears the seat belt, he will be pulled back to the seat and his feet can’t reach the brake and accelerator pedal. It looks like the father was teaching his kid to drive the car as he can be heard giving instructions to him. He was driving quite well but, it is illegal in every way.

Giving the steering wheel of a huge SUV like Gloster to a kid is not the best decision. They are not great at making decisions and this is one of the reason why kids ar not given driving license. Even if the kid is great at driving, there are things like his height that would limit him from using the car properly like an adult. In the past we have seen children driving cars and SUVs on road, while the adults sit on the co-passenger seat. We have featured stories about kids driving truck, Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Nexon on our roads in the past. If the car driven by a kid gets into an accident, the parents will be punished for the crime and this happened in the past several times.