Indian kid with Rolls Royces worth over 25 crore [Video]

Rolls Royce cars are the epitome of luxury. Cars from this British manufacturer are known for its extremely luxurious, comfortable cabin and silent cabin. Although luxury cars have become extremely common on our roads, Rolls Royce cars are still very rare. In Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, these cars are very common on the road. There are decent number of Indians who work and run businesses in these regions too. Here we have video of one such Indian kid from Dubai who has not one or two but, a collection of Rolls Royce cars worth over Rs 25 crore.

The video has been uploaded by Mo Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger visits the mansion of the Indian kid to check out his car collection. The details about the kid and family who owns all these cars are not mentioned in the video. However, we do get to see the kid once in this vlog. This video is almost an year old and the vlogger starts by checking out their brand new Rolls Royce Ghost. This is the 2021 model luxury saloon. The car was so new that the plastic wrap over the dashboard and many other panels were not removed.

Rolls Royce cars customers get the option to customise their vehicles. Depending on the customisations, the cost of the car would increase. Every car at Rolls Royce factory is built to order and that is what makes every car from the manufacturer unique. The Rolls Royce Ghost shown here is the 2021 version of the luxury saloon. The owner opted for a gloss black shade with Orange or Mandarin colour pinstripes. the interior of the car has been completely finished in Orange colour which looks extremely good on the car. The vlogger also shows the spirit of ecstasy and what makes this special is that, it is coated in 24 karat gold.

Indian kid with Rolls Royces worth over 25 crore [Video]

The vlogger also takes the car out for a spin with his friend and was impressed with the way the car was driving. He could be heard saying that the cabin is extremely silent and the engine is smooth. The steering wheel is so light that one can turn the car around by using just one finger. Before he took the Rolls Royce Ghost out for the drive, the Indian kid also showed his Rolls Royce Wraith coupe. It is a 2 door coupe from Rolls Royce. The car was finished in two shades of Blue. It comes with a completely customised interior that is finished in Blue too.

The car looks extremely sporty with the blue interiors. The kid who owns these cars can be seen in the video for few seconds too. Other than these two Rolls Royce cars, they have a huge collection of older generation Ghost and Phantoms in their collection. Altogether, they own Rolls Royce cars worth over Rs 25 crore. These cars are parked in a private villa with a private security. For reference, price for a Rolls Royce Ghost in India starts at around Rs 6.95 crore, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 7.95 crore, ex-showroom.