Indian Maharaja used Rolls Royce cars for garbage collection: What’s the truth?

Rolls Royce is known to be the most luxurious automobile manufacturer. They are also one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Many rich people own a Rolls Royce because of the luxurious experience it offers and because of the style statement. Well, you must have heard a story of an Indian Maharaja who used the Rolls Royce cars for garbage collection. It went pretty viral over the internet and social media.

Indian Maharaja used Rolls Royce cars for garbage collection: What’s the truth?

If you are not familiar with the story, here is one of many versions of the story. Maharaja Jai Singh once visited London. He was just casually roaming in his casual attire during a city tour. During the tour, Maharaja Jai Singh spotted a showroom of Rolls Royce. He entered the showroom and wanted to know more about the brand and their cars. However, the manager of the showroom did not allow the Maharaja to enter the store because of his ‘Indian’ casual attire. He thought that Maharaja was a beggar.

Coming back to India, Maharaja Jai Singh was very angry and felt insulted by the manager of the showroom. So, he ordered six cars from Rolls Royce. All of them were shipped to India. As an act of revenge, Maharaja Jai Singh decided to donate all the six Rolls Royce cars to the municipality so that they can use them as a garbage truck. You can even find a picture as proof of this story in which we can see the Rolls Royce. The picture also went viral on social media platforms.

So, is it all true?

To understand the in-depth story we would first need to know about Maharaja Jai Singh. Maharaja Jai Singh is also known as Jai Singh II was born on November 3, 1688. He died on 21st September 1743.

Whereas, the development of motorized vehicles was not started till 1885. It was Carl Benz who started the early development of motorized vehicles and these vehicles looked nothing like the current vehicles. Rolls Royce manufacturer itself set up their factory in 1906 which was way after the death of Maharaja Jai Singh. So, the story cannot be true because there is a huge difference between the timeline of both stories. These facts are taken off the internet.

A similar Rolls Royce story is also associated with Maharaja Kishan Singh of Bharatpur, Nizam of Hyderabad and even Maharaja of Patiala. There are many other names of Maharajas too with whom the story is associated. However, all these stories are associated with an era before Rolls Royce was established.

So, what are brooms doing with Rolls Royce cars?

Indian Maharaja used Rolls Royce cars for garbage collection: What’s the truth?

The brooms were used on Rolls Royce vehicles. This is true but the reason is not what you might be thinking. According to the different reports, the brooms were tied in front of the Rolls Royce because the roads were not very good in that era. There were stones, pebbles and rubbles everywhere on the road. So, the brooms were mounted so that they can sweep away the stones and everything else away.

Most of the Maharajas did not even bother to change the tyres of the vehicle. Once the tyre of their vehicle was worn out or got punctured, they would simply buy a new vehicle. So, the brooms were used for the longevity of the vehicles and not for garbage collection.