Indian maharajah using Rolls Royce super luxury cars for garbage collection: Fact or Myth!

One of the oldest car makers in the world, Rolls Royce definitely has a shroud of myths around it. One famous legend that circulates on the social media platforms in India is ruler Maharaja Jai Singh used his Rolls Royce as a garbage collection truck in India. What do you think must have happened? We explain here. While there are many versions of the story, the most popular one saying that Maharaja Jai Singh once visited London. He was roaming around in casual attire during a city tour. That is when Maharaja spotted the Rolls Royce showroom and wanted to know more about the brand. However, the manager of the store did not allow him inside the store because of his “Indian” appearance. And he thought that Maharaja was a beggar.

When Maharaja came back to India, he was full of anger and was feeling insulted. He ordered six Rolls Royce cars and got them shipped to India. In a fit of revenge, Maharaja then donated the vehicles to the municipality so that they can use them as a garbage truck. There is even a picture to support the narration that is widely shared on various social media platforms.

Here are the facts…

Who was Maharaja Jai Singh?

To understand better, we need to first know Maharaja Jai Singh. He was also known as Jai Singh II and was born on November 3, 1688. He lived till 21st September 1743. Now the early development of motorised vehicles happened in 1885 by Carl Benz, which looked nothing like a modern-day vehicle. Rolls-Royce cars were set-up in 1906, way after the death of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh according to the records on the Intenet. Since the timeline of the conception of Rolls Royce and the death of Maharaja contradicts each other so that story cannot be true.

The same story is also told as Nizam of Hyderabad or Maharaja Kishan Singh of Bharatpur or Maharaja of Patiala. There are many other names of Maharajas and kings that are associated with the same story. However, none of these stories is true as Rolls-Royce was set-up in 1906 and after that, there is very good documentation of its history and the history of the Maharajas.

How do we explain the brooms?

The cars with brooms were used on Rolls Royce vehicles. That is true. However, the purpose of these brooms was something different. As per different reports, the brooms were tied to the front of the expensive vehicles to save the tires. It is quite an interesting story. Since the roads were not very good in those days and rubbles and pebbles could destroy the tires easily, the brooms swept away the pebbles and stones on the way and made the roads clear for the vehicles. Most Maharajas who owned the Rolls Royce vehicles did not even bother to change the tyres of the vehicles. Once the tyres were worn or punctured, they simply used to buy new cars. So the brooms were used for the longevity of the vehicles and not for the garbage collection stories as the Internet tells us. It is always a good idea to fact check the things that seem unreal and unusual.