Indian man uses Harley-Davidson to deliver milk: Internet goes crazy [Video]

Most of us have grown up seeing big containers of milk being carried on bicycles or budget bikes like Splendor by the milkman. Well, times have changed and recently, a video of a milkman delivering milk on Harley-Davidson Street 750 became viral on the Internet.


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A clip of a milkman delivering milk on Harley Davidson Street 750 has become viral on the Internet. While the exact location of the video and the identity of the man remains unknown, we can see the “Gujjar” registration plate on the motorcycle.

Interestingly, Harley-Davidson left India a few years ago. The Street 750 alongside Street 500 was manufactured in India until a few years ago. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 was the only made-in-India bike on sale in the Indian market. The American company exported all the units of Street 500 to different parts of the world, except for America, where it manufactured the model at its Kansas factory.

Indian man uses Harley-Davidson to deliver milk: Internet goes crazy [Video]

To clear the stocks back in 2018, when Harley-Davidson was leaving the country, they offered massive discounts on the bike. Harley-Davidson offers a low-interest rate of just 3.49% per annum which allows customers to save a lot of money when they finance their bike through Harley-Davidson. Street 750 is powered by a twin-cylinder 749cc, liquid-cooled engine that produces a maximum torque of 59 Nm. The bike is priced at Rs. 5.25 lakhs, ex-showroom.

Now that Harley-Davidson is not officially in India, you can find used examples of bikes in the market at a much cheaper price. We tried looking online and could find used examples of Harley-Davidson Street 750 for around Rs 2.5 lakh. We are sure there are better deals available in the off-line market.

Harley-Davidson and Hero to launch a cruiser

The American motorcycle giant announced that it has joined hands with Hero MotoCorp. Under the new Rewire strategy, Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson will also work to launch new products in the markets.

Reportedly, Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson showcased two upcoming bikes developed by them. The Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson showcased the bikes to select dealers in India. According to the report, the bike was presented at a private event and was a cruiser, which looks like Harley-Davidson 338R. However, the bikes showcased by the brand were without any branding at the time.

The JV also showcased a street bike at an event. The report also claims that it features a more aggressive and single-cylinder engine. Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson announced their partnership following the exit of the American brand’s exit from the Indian market.

The first bike developed in collaboration with the American brand is expected to debut by March 2024. It is likely to be positioned in the middleweight segment and could compete with Royal Enfield.

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