Indian Oil Corporation starts home delivery of diesel in India

The Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest petroleum company, has started home delivering diesel in Pune. Soon, home delivery of diesel is expected to begin in other cities as well. This move will benefit those who run large fleets of commercial vehicles as it will cut down fuel station visits. Both time and money are likely to be saved for such fleet owners. The scheme is called ‘doorstep delivery of fuel’

Indian Oil Corporation starts home delivery of diesel in India

The IOC fuel truck that home-delivers diesel has a diesel tank attached to a dispenser. The dispenser dispenses diesel to vehicles and measures the amount of diesel dispensed, just the way it happens in a regular fuel station. Essentially, the IOC fuel delivery truck is a fuel station on wheels. This move from IOC could benefit remote areas as well, where fuel stations are few and far in between.

Indian Oil Corporation has started delivering diesel first instead of petrol as the challenges involving the latter’s delivery is much greater. Unlike petrol, diesel does not ignite easily without pressure being applies and this makes it easier to handle for home delivery. Moreover, diesel is the main fuel used by fleet vehicles. In future though, IOC and other major petroleum companies may start home delivery for petrol as well.

IOC released a press statement to mark this event on Twitter,

Another milestone in customer convenience. IndianOil launches FIRST PESO APPROVED Mobile dispenser for door delivery of diesel to its esteemed customers at Pune.

Sanjiv Singh, the chairman and managing director of IOC has said this about ‘home delivery of petrol’ in the past,

Petrol has its own added risk. The three oil marketing companies have taken up the offer with PESO, which would be issuing the necessary licenses and necessary permission for this purpose and we are also evaluating different modes of distribution. We should see something on this happening soon.

Via ETAuto