Indian-origin girl in Jeep Compass killed by pick-up truck driver in a road rage incident

A girl of Indian-origin Taranjit Parmar, was killed in an alleged-road rage incident at Levittown, New York. Ms. Parmar, 18, was driving a brand-new Jeep Compass when the suspect brushed against her SUV in a large pick-up truck. Here’s a video that shows the initial accident.

Both Mr. Parmar and the pick-up truck driver drove into a parking lot of a nearby fuel station after the minor accident. Ms. Parmar reportedly got down from her SUV and tried to approach the pick up truck driver, who allegedly ran her over, killing her on the spot.

Ms. Parmar was said to be on the phone with her mother moments before she got run over. Her father, Ranjit Parmar, had this to say about the final phone call from his daughter,

She had called my wife and said, ‘Hi, Mom’. Then she said ‘Oh, no, Stop!’ and the call got disconnected. There was no answer after that.

Indian-origin girl in Jeep Compass killed by pick-up truck driver in a road rage incident
A Facebook picture of Taranjit Parmar

The road rage incident is said to have happened at 5 PM on 9th November, at a time when traffic is quite dense at the spot (Hempstead Turnpike) where all this happened. A honours student of Adelphi university, Ms. Parmar was just 4 days away from her 19th birthday and was studying to be a dentist. It’s been nearly a week after the road rage incident, and cops in Nassau County are yet to find the pick-up truck driver involved.

Avoid getting into a road rage incident!

Tempers can run high after a crash with another vehicle. It’s advisable that you just drive away, and claim insurance for the damaged car rather than getting into an argument with the other vehicle involved. People can behave unpredictably, often with dangerous consequences, especially under pressure. This is another reason why it’s better to drive away from a crash if you can, rather than pressing for compensation.

Via NYDailyNews