Harley-Davidsons to Honda CBRs: What Indian cops ride

Harley-Davidsons to Honda CBRs: Motorcycles that Indian police forces ride

Police forces across the various states of India used two-wheelers for patrolling purposes as they are much more practical than four-wheelers in many areas. Indian cops use a variety of two-wheelers to main law and order. One of the oldest and most common bikes used by the cops are Royal Enfield bikes but of late, that has changed to quite an extent. Therefore, let’s take a look at the motorcycles and scooters used by police officers of various states across the country.

Honda CBR 250R

Uttar Pradesh Police

Honda displayed the CBR 250R ‘Police Edition’ at the Security Expo in 2013 and soon after, the UP Police introduced the bike into its ranks. However, they lost most of the fancy bits from the Security Expo including the LED lamps, beacon lights, public announcement system, and the specially designed helmet with a hands-free mic. What was retained was the unique livery and the utility box.

Bajaj Pulsar

Delhi Police, Punjab Police

Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular bikes in the country. It is used by the cops of Punjab and Delhi Police forces for official purposes. Apparently, the Pulsars used by the Delhi cops don’t have a rev limiter, which allows the cops to extract the maximum performance out of them. Most of the bikes used are the Pulsar 180 models which gives a good mix of performance and low maintenance costs, making it a well-rounded bike for the cops.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Gujarat Police, Kolkata Police

Gujarat and Kolkata Police probably uses the most premium bike in the country, which is the Harley Davidson Street 750. The state was the first in the country to get Harley Davidsons bikes into their official police force and this was later followed by the Kolkata Police. Harley Davidson police bikes get special livery, utility box, public announcement system and beacons. However, both the Kolkata and Gujarat police only use the Harleys only for special purposes and not for regular patrolling.

TVS Apache

Noida Police, Kerala Police, Tamil Nadu Police, Delhi Police

The TVS Apache is a popular motorcycle in the country and just like its chief rival Bajaj Pulsar, it is also used by the police forces of several states. This includes Delhi, Noida, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cops in these states use the Apache RTR 160 and 180 as interceptors to maintain law and order in their areas.

Royal Enfield motorcycles

Mumbai Police, Kolkata Police, Delhi Police, UP Police, Rajasthan Police

Royal Enfield motorcycles are common with the police forces all across India. This is because of the fact that it was the first company to become the official two-wheeler supplier of the Indian Army and later of police forces of several states. However, many states are now switching to more modern, faster, and reliable bikes that are easier to maintain than older RE bikes.

Hero Splendor

Goa Police

The Goa police are responsible for taking care of law and order in one of the hottest tourist destinations of India. Cops there use the humble Hero Splendor which proves to be extremely practical to patrol the narrow lanes of Goa’s cities. The compact and fuel-efficient engine of the Splendor is very reliable too and hence it makes for the perfect ride for low-speed patrolling through the streets of Goa’s busiest areas.

Hero Achiever

Mumbai Police

While policemen in Mumbai may use Royal Enfield bikes, policewomen there are seen riding the Hero Achiever motorcycle as their official vehicle. The Achiever is a reliable and lightweight motorcycle that has a decent grunt and is quite easy to use for anyone.

Hero Duet

Jaipur Police

Policewomen in the pink city of Jaipur have the Hero Duet scooter as their official ride when patrolling the city. Mostly black, these scooters come fitted with utilities like Public Announcement systems and Police livery decals among others

Honda Activa

Delhi Police, Gurugram Police

Policewomen in India’s capital city use the Honda Activa as their official two-wheeler. The Honda Activa is the best selling scooter of all time in India apart from being extremely efficient and reliable. Its engine offers enough power to get through the busy streets of the Delhi NCR region.

Hero motorcycles

Udaipur Police

Following the Mumbai policewomen closely are the lady cops oof Udaipur. The special women-only patrol squad of this city use specially modified Hero motorcycles to patrol the white city of India. Like other bikes here, they too come fitted with utilities like beacons, police stickers and PA systems.


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