Indian police & their motorcycles: Harley-Davidsons & Honda CBR to Bajaj Pulsar, pictures & details

Indian police & their motorcycles: Harley-Davidsons & Honda CBR to Bajaj Pulsar

Indian cops across the states have long used Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past for patrolling. Currently, almost all the police force across the nation are upgrading to newer, quicker bikes. Here are all the motorcycles that are used by Indian police across the states.

Honda CBR 250R

Uttar Pradesh Police

In 2013, Honda showcased the Police edition of their CBR 250 at the Security Expo. Soon after that, the motorcycles were inducted into the Uttar Pradesh Police force. The bike showcased at the expo got LED lamps, beacon lights, public announcement system and specially designed helmet with a handsfree microphone.

The motorcycles with the UP Police get no much additional equipment. However, the bikes get a special Police livery and a utility box. The CBR 250 is a very comfortable bike, which is quick too. It serves as a perfect bike for the police officials who have to patrol on bikes through the day.

Bajaj Pulsar

Delhi Police, Punjab Police

Bajaj Pulsar is quite a common bike with various police forces across the nation. In the national capital, Delhi, the Pulsar are used by both traffic police and civilian police. The Delhi Pulsar bikes have been modified to remove the rev-limiter, that gives the cops some extra juice when needed. The bike also gets a utility box and beacon.

Most of the Bajaj Pulsars used are the 180cc model. Even the police force from Ludhiana, Punjab use the Bajaj Pulsar 180 as their patrol bike. Pulsar’s powerful engine and low maintenance make them popular among the forces.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Gujarat Police, Kolkata Police

Gujarat Police became the first one in the country to induct Harley-Davidson motorcycles in their fleet in India. Last year, Kolkata Police also inducted a fleet of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The bikes have been modified with police livery, utility box, PA system and beacons on the crash guard.

Kolkata Police upgraded to the Street 750 because the ageing the Royal Enfield motorcycles could not keep up with the fast-moving VIP motorcades. The bikes are used only in convoys. Even Gujarat Police use them on special occasions and they are not patrolling bikes.

TVS Apache

Noida Police, Kerala Police, Tamil Nadu Police, Delhi Police

The TVS Apache is an affordable performance bike. Police forces from many states have the Apache in their fleet. Both Apache RTR 160 and RTR 180 are popular with the police forces in India. While most of the cops use Apache 160, recently Mangalore police received a fleet of Apache RTR 180.

Delhi police also have a group of Apache RTR 180s in their fleet. Gautam Budh Police, which manages the Noida region in Uttar Pradesh have inducted the RTR 180s to catch vehicles who run away from regular check posts.

Royal Enfield motorcycles

Mumbai Police, Kolkata Police, Delhi Police, UP Police, Rajasthan Police

The Royal Enfield became the first motorcycle that was inducted into the Indian Army. After becoming popular in the army, many states opted for the Royal Enfield bikes and most of them are still in service. Metros like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai have a high amount of Royal Enfield cop bikes.

Even though Kolkata police administration is now replacing the Enfields with TVS Apache RTR because of the mounting maintenance costs, the cops are not happy about the change. Different states have different Royal Enfield motorcycles with custom fairing and additional utilities.

Hero Splendor

Goa Police

The humble Hero Splendor is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes in India. This Splendor belongs to the Goa Police. Due to narrow roads of Goa, the Splendor serves as a perfect bike. It is highly fuel efficient, compact and highly reliable. Even cops from the other states use Splendor as their daily bikes but none of them are official vehicles like this one from Goa.

Hero Achiever

Mumbai Police

The Mumbai policewomen force uses the Hero Achiever for their daily task. The women brigade has received the lightweight motorcycle that can be ridden easily through the city roads and return a good mileage.

Hero Duet

Jaipur Police

The Jaipur Police has Hero Duet scooters for the women force. The scooters are much more relaxed to ride and offer more comfort than motorcycles. The scooters have been fitted with PA systems and also get Police decals.

Honda Activa

Delhi Police, Gurugram Police

Honda Activa is used by the police force of Delhi and Gurugram. The highest selling scooter in the market offers great reliability and a high level of comfort. Most of the women patrol the areas on Activa scooter.

Hero motorcycles

Udaipur Police

Udaipur Police launched a smart women police squad. The patrol women use the modified Hero bikes on their duty. The bike gets beacons and PA system while there is an utility box too.

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