This is how Indian Railways delivers hundreds of cars to dealerships across India [Video]

Indian Railways has a wide spread network across the country. It is the largest employer in the country and its services are often utilised by many car manufacturers. They use railways to transport newly manufactured cars from the plant to different parts of the country. We have seen several videos where manufacturers like Kia and Maruti Suzuki transport cars in wagons that are specially made to transport cars. Here we have a video of a train carrying Tata cars from the manufacturing plant to Kerala.

The video has been uploaded by Explore with Akshay on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows a goods train that has reached Kerala’s Kannur with cars from Tata Motors’ Sanand plant. Manufacturers use trains to transport cars as it is more economical and safe than carrying it by road. Vlogger goes to the end of the train to see how the cars were driven down. The vlogger had not seen such a train and wanted to know more about the goods that it was carrying. He asked people around the train and they told him that cars were being transported from the plant.

He was not told about the brand initially. He only realised that the cars belonged to Tata Motors after the first car rolled out from the compartment. The train was carrying almost 125 Tata cars. Around 50 units were delivered for dealerships in Kannur and rest of the cars were for dealerships in Ernakulam. In order to get the car down, a special arrangement was made. Doors of all the compartments were opened and a metal plate was placed to connect the floor.

This is how Indian Railways delivers hundreds of cars to dealerships across India [Video]

At the end, two metal ramps were placed so that the cars can be driven down to the tracks without any problem. A piece of metal grille was placed on the track and sand bags were placed next to them so that the cars can get down without any problem. Tata Altroz was the first car that came down the ramp. There were Tata dealership employees waiting and guiding the driver who was getting the car down. The cars started to come down one after the other. Cars like Nexon EV, Altroz, Tata Safari can be seen in the video. The cars were properly covered at the places, where there are chances of getting scratches during transportation.

Tata Safari is a wide SUV and the driver was extra careful while getting the SUV down as the wheels were right on the edge of the track and even a slight movement meant that the car could slip from the ramp. After the car were brought down, the drivers parked the vehicles on the platform and after closing all the doors and ramp, the train continued its journey to other districts to deliver the car. Last year, a video from Andhra Pradesh where Kia was seen loading their brand new cars to train from a railway station just 12 kms away from their plant had surfaced online. Many manufacturers use railways to transport cars as they can transport large number of vehicles this way.

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