Indian startup develops country’s first self balancing scooter [Video]

India is one of those country where the majority of population still relies on two wheelers. Due to several reasons, the most number of accidents happen on road also involves a two wheeler. Over the years, authorities have come up with several rules and regulations to make things easier for two wheeler riders but, even then accidents occur. A group of IIT graduates have now come up with a solution for two-wheeler riders. This solution will change the way people have been looking and riding a two wheeler. They have developed India’s self balancing scooter.

The video has been uploaded by Bright ideas on their YouTube channel. As mentioned above, the scooter is a brainchild of a bunch of IIT graduates, who wanted to make two wheeler riding experience much more safer. The self balancing scooter came first to there minds as maintaining balance on a two-wheeler can be hard for some people and if you are not confident enough on a two wheeler then it may lead to accidents.

The group did research and developed several prototypes before coming to a version that is seen in the video. The scooter seen in the video is also a prototype the works. The rider can easily keep both their foot on the scooter while riding it. the video does not share exact details on what all technology has been used in this scooter. The scooter can balance itself, even if there is no rider on it. The ‘Feet Always’ onboard technology helps rider keep their foot on the floorboard all the time and also reduces the risk of falling down.

Indian startup develops country’s first self balancing scooter [Video]

The team has been working on this scooter for over couple of years and the setup looks like it is almost production ready. The self balancing scooter helps in easy maneuvering and also has impact protection. In case of an impact, the scooter will automatically counter balance and avoid a fall that would normally happen on a two-wheeler. The self balancing setup can be installed on any petrol and electric scooter. The one seen here in the video is an electric scooter. Apart from the self balancing part, the scooter also gets an advanced feature where the scooter can automatically come out of a parking lot by giving a simple voice command.

One of the other thing that the team had in mind while working on this project was the cost. They did not want to make a self balancing scooter that is way out of reach of common public. The video mentions that the cost of this self balancing scooter will only be 10 percent more than the price of a regular scooter.

As mentioned above, the scooter seen here is a prototype and the team who is working on this scooter is known as Liger Mobility. They are working on improving some of the other elements on this scooter before starting the production of it. Liger mobility is not the only manufacturer who is working on this technology. Mainstream two-wheeler manufacturers like Honda has also been working on a self balancing two-wheeler.

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