Indian techie in Canada loses job: Drives his Tesla for Uber grocery delivery [Video]

Many countries are currently going through a recession, which has affected the lives of many. People have lost their jobs, and many are finding it hard to get one too. Many Indians who went abroad in search of jobs or studies are also facing issues. Here we have a video of one such Indian techie who actually lost his job. After losing his job, the techie, who also has a YouTube channel, decided to drive his Tesla for Uber and also use his car to deliver packages.

The video has been uploaded by Anish Mavelikkara on his YouTube channel. The vlogger starts the video by talking about the current situation. He mentions that his contract with the current employer is about to end, and he is currently looking for other jobs. He did attend a couple of interviews; however, he has not heard back from them yet. He then says that he has picked up some odd jobs for the time being.

He is currently working part-time for a groceries delivering shop run by one of his friends. The vlogger owns a Tesla and is using it to deliver the stuff to the customers. We can see the packages placed on the rear seat of the car. Other than delivering groceries door-to-door, Anish is also driving his car with Uber. He mentions that he currently drives the car for 4 hours early in the morning.

Indian techie in Canada loses job: Drives his Tesla for Uber grocery delivery [Video]

He chose this time because most of the trips he would get during this time are to the airport, and that would mean he can earn a bit more. He mentions that some of the passengers who get into the Tesla are often amazed to see it from the inside. Many of them are sitting inside a Tesla for the first time. He doesn’t mention which model he is driving in the video. He then explains some of the features to the passengers.

He says that he is driving the Tesla only for 4 hours early in the morning. If he fails to find a job, he will have to drive the Tesla for 8 hours and take it as a full-time job until he finds a proper job. The video is actually an example that shows how the life of Indians living abroad is. He also shows how much he earned from his previous trips.

Tesla is very common in countries like the USA and Canada. People have adopted the car because it looks futuristic, and just like any EV, it has a very low running cost. The charging infrastructure in these countries is good, and that gives customers much-needed confidence. People often take their Teslas on road trips too. Tesla did have plans to launch their entry-level model in India; however, due to various reasons and government policies, the plan is currently put on hold. The Indian government had offered them to set up a manufacturing facility in India, while Tesla only wanted concessions in import duties, as setting up a plant did not seem feasible for the manufacturer at that time.

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