Indian truck drivers in North America: How much do they earn?

In recent years, Canada and USA have turned out to be a hub for immigrants from around the world. Even thousands of Indians migrate to these two countries every year and to sustain and earn there, many take up part-time jobs like becoming a truck driver. But do they really earn by just driving a truck? Well, the economy of Canada and USA is very different from India and anyone working there has to be paid the minimum per hour salary. But how much the truckers really earn there? Here are three videos that give us an insight into the earnings of the truckers in North America.

$200,000 to $225,000 USD

Satnam Singh is a truck driver in Yuba City in northern California. He has worked for years in the trucking business and he explains that many from Punjab, India come there every year to try their hands on the trucking jobs. As per Satnam Singh, he works for around 10-12 hours every day and earns around $200,000 to $225,000 every year, which translates into about 1.6 crore INR or around Rs 13 lakh monthly. It is his own truck, which means that the maintenance is quite a lot. Each day, he works for around 10-12 hours and even has a small stove and sleeping pad inside his vehicle.

$66,000 CAD

Here is Vijay who has been doing a job of a truck driver with one of the firms in British Columbia, Canada for six years now. Vijay says that since it is a job, he has to work for only five days a week and his employer also offers 50% medical insurance to him. He talks about difficulties of driving the trucks during the winter when the temperature can drop to -35 C. Even his truck has a bunk bed and his truck is the 18-speed manual transmission. He also has a CB radio installed in the truck that can be used to ask the road conditions ahead from other truck drivers and even contact the head office when needed. In Canada, truckers have to take rest for 30 mins after every four hours of driving to ensure that the fatigue does not set in. As per the video, a person can earn 66,000 CAD, which translates into about 38 lakh INR by working for 12 hours a day while drivers doing longer hours can work more.

60,000 USD

Here is a trucker who also works out from California, USA. He does not own the truck and does the job as a truck driver. The trailer that he drives has all the modern features including bunk beds, storage place, air conditioner, and many more such things. They also have stoves to cook food in the truck. As per the video, he earns about 5,000 USD every month depending on his duty hours, which can be higher too. Manpreet also explains that it is much easier to work in the USA compared to India, especially because the cops do not stop them across the state borders and there is no corruption involved too.