Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?

American semi truck and Indian lorry and European truck on a highway

Just like cars and motorcycles, there is a huge audience that loves heavy vehicles like trucks, lorries, and buses. Trucks are used to transport goods from one place to another all around the world. If you are one of those people who have a taste for trucks around the world, you would have noticed by now that the trucks sold or used in India are different from what is available in the American and European markets. We know that American and European trucks are designed to suit their working environment and requirements. However, when you compare them with the Indian counterparts, they are different altogether. In this article, we discuss why Indian trucks are different from American and European counterparts.

Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?
American truck vs European truck vs Indian truck

American Trucks

Let’s start with American Trucks. We already know that Americans love huge vehicles, be it a car, SUV, pick-up, or even a semi-truck. Size matters a lot here. The long-nosed design, along with an imposing or dominant road presence, is what makes an American truck stand out on the road. It offers a long wheelbase, and these trucks are designed in such a manner so that they have robust towing capabilities and high-speed haulage on the long American highways.

Apart from this, what differentiates American trucks from others is their cabin. Most American truckers use the cabin as their second home because it is huge. It offers space for a bed and other amenities to make the driver’s life more comfortable. This helps them relax in their cabin in a comfortable manner without needing to look for hotels or motels on the way.

European Trucks

As we move to Europe, things are entirely different. Here, the design of the trucks is different from what we see in the USA. The reason for that is the way the place is built. Europe has narrower roads, and there are other challenges like finding a parking spot and so on. A heavy truck, like the ones we see in America, is not practical here. So, truck manufacturers redesigned the trucks to make them more suitable for Europe.

Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?
European truck

Most trucks you would see in Europe would have a cab-over-engine boxy design. The squared-off front and short wheelbase allow the driver to maneuver the trucks through narrow roads more easily. As the overhangs are small on these trucks, parking them is also not a task. Unlike America, European trucks do not lean much towards the owner-operators, and they do not come with expansive sleeper cabins.

Indian Trucks

In India, truckers face a combination of narrow city and rural roads and long, wide highways. It is actually a mix of both American and European conditions. Most of the trucks that we have in India have a cabin-over-engine layout. However, most drivers see the truck as their second home during their trips, and they often convert the rear space in the cabin into a bed and add other amenities to make their life easier. It is not as expansive or comfortable as the American ones.

Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?
Indian truck

Government regulations are another thing that stops many manufacturers from bringing the large semi-trucks to India. We have weight restrictions for roads that have forced many truck manufacturers to come up with lightweight yet robust trucks for our market. Many modern trucks have AC, but drivers hardly use it as it affects the overall fuel efficiency.

Design & Size

American trucks look huge, and we have already explained why they are designed in such a manner. The design of the truck allows them to accommodate massive engines. When it comes to India, the compact or boxy design is suitable for narrow city roads, which helps the driver navigate through our roads. The boxy design also maximizes the cargo space.

Payload and Efficiency

Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?
Indian truck

In India, fuel efficiency is a major factor. Indian trucks are designed in such a manner that they can carry the maximum load while offering decent fuel efficiency. This is done because fuel is not cheap in our country. In America, most of the trucks are equipped with massive engines that are capable of handling heavy hauls or even pulling multiple trailers with ease.

Driver Comfort and Amenities

When compared to American trucks, Indian trucks offer a more practical cabin and amenities to the driver. It may not be the most comfortable space, but it does fulfill the basic needs of the trucker who would be on the road for weeks.

Road Conditions and Terrain

Indian Trucks Vs American And European Trucks: So Different But Why?
Indian truck

Unlike America, Indian truck drivers have to handle both rough terrains and crowded city roads. The compact design of the truck would help them easily navigate through uneven surfaces and narrow streets efficiently.

Regulations and Restrictions

Due to narrow roads and developing road infrastructure, Indian truckers are forced to maintain a low speed on highways, and the same restriction applies when it comes to weight.