Indian vlogger drives a German couple’s modified Mercedes-Benz 911 4×4 truck in Ladakh [Video]

Few months ago, we featured a news story about a German couple who have been  travelling for 12 years with their family. The videos of the couple became viral after they visited Kerala in their Mercedes-Benz 911 4×4 truck. It looks like the couple has not left India are exploring different parts of the country. Here we have a detailed video where vlogger speaks to the German couple about their experience and also the modifications that have been made to the truck.

The video has been uploaded by Gagan Choudhary on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the story behind Mercedes-Benz 911 truck and also the modifications that have been made to make it more suitable for overlanding purposes. The German couple seen here in the video is Thorben and Michi. Thorben was an engineer by profession and Michi is a writer. They have two children –  a 6 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.

Thorben has made some changes to the truck. This is the Mercedes-Benz 911 4×4 truck and the engine on this truck has been changed by Thorben. He has replaced the stock engine with a 5.7 litre non-turbocharged, in-line 6 cylinder  diesel engine. It also gets a custom made 500 litres fuel tank. On the outside, the truck looks normal. It gets chunky looking military grade tyres that help the truck move through almost any type of terrain. As the truck is a Left Hand Drive model, Thorben has installed cameras on the right hand side of the truck to keep a check on the vehicles on that side.

The whole truck has been finished in Green colour which gives it a distinct look on the road. Thorben has also created some storage space for tool box and also has a panel to access the water pump and also the water heater. There are couple of windows on the top and the cabin of the truck has also been customised to Indian driving conditions. The truck gets several equipment like GPS, monitor for the cameras were all installed. The truck now gets power steering and there are fans to keep the occupants cool while driving.

Indian vlogger drives a German couple’s modified Mercedes-Benz 911 4×4 truck in Ladakh [Video]

The rear cabin of the car is what has been extensively customised. It has been neatly converted into a living space. There is a fly door installed to keep the mosquito and fly away. The space inside the rear gets a large bed that can accommodate 2 adults ad 2 children. Other than this, there is a bunker bed for their children. The kitchen counter is right next to the bed and there is a narrow corridor that leads to the rear side of the truck. Next to the beds is the toilet which can also be converted to a shower area.

The corridor opens up to the living area inside the caravan or truck. This area has windows on all three side and it gives a very airy feel to the cabin. There is AC installed and also a fan mounted on the roof for air circulation. There are solar panels installed on the roof that takes care of all the electrical appliances. There are several storage compartments inside the cabin that helps them store things that they need during the journey properly.

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