Meet the Indian who owns 20 cruiser motorcycles worth more than Rs. 3.5 crores

Some people have a passion for collecting motorcycles. Well, here is a man who has taken it to another level. Mr. Patel from Ahemdabad owns more than 20 motorcycles which all are cruisers. He says that he is very fond of motorcycles that is why he has this collection.

The collection started in 2002 by Mr. Patel’s father when he imported a Honda Blackbird and since then the collection is increasing. The video is uploaded by MotoGrapher in which Mr. Patel gives us a tour of his motorcycle.

Honda Blackbird

The Blackbird was imported by Mr. Patel’s father and it is finished in black colour. The Blackbird was one of the fastest motorcycles when it was first introduced by Honda. The official name of the motorcycle was CBR1100XX but it was popularly known as the Super Blackbird.

Suzuki Hayabusa

The Hayabusa needs no introduction. It is the most iconic motorcycle in our country. According to the legends, it was named Hayabusa because ‘busa’ means falcon which is a predator to the blackbird. At that time, the Hayabusa was specifically made to compete against the Honda Blackbird.

Indian Roadmaster

The Indian Roadmaster is one of the most comfortable motorcycles that you can buy in the country. Mr. Patel says that he thinks that the Roadmaster is the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. He uses the Roadmaster whenever he goes on rides on the national highways. He owns two generations of the Roadmaster. The second one is finished in red.

Bajaj Avenger

The Avenger was bought and restored by Mr. Patel. He also painted it in a unique Yellow paint because he likes the colour. The Avenger was one of the first cruisers that was launched in India.

Harley Davidson Breakout

Not many people have heard about the Breakout because it did not sell well because of the Indian road conditions. The Breakout is a chopper-style motorcycle that was introduced in 2017 and was discontinued in just 1.5 years because of poor sales. The motorcycle is very low so it is a challenge to ride when there are potholes on the road.

Harley Davidson Roadking

The Roadking by Harley Davidson has been customized by the owner. He has opted for Sky Blue and Black shade. So, it has a dual-tone paint scheme. It is a motorcycle that is meant for cruising and has a very comfortable stance.

Triumph Thunderbird

Triumph Thunderbird is a laid back cruiser motorcycle. Mr. Patel prefers it for long highway distances because he enjoys riding it and it is very comfortable over long journeys. His motorcycle is painted blue and white.

Harley Davidson Fatboy

The Fatboy became famous when Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger used it to jump off from a bridge in the hit movie Terminator. Mr. Patel opted for the Yellow colour because it is his favourite colour. The Fatboy was his first Harley motorcycle. It was his dream to own a Fatboy because Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt owns one.

Indian Chief Vintage

The Chief Vintage comes in a unique Green and White colour shade. The seat and the backrests are coloured in tan brown colour which really goes with the rest of the paint scheme. Because of its sheer size, the motorcycle can be a bit tough to ride in the cities.

BMW K 1600 B

BMW K 1600 B also popularly known as the Bagger has been wrapped in faux carbon fibre by Mr. Patel. It is the main rival to the Honda Goldwing. The Bagger is known for its extremely refined engine and amazing rideability.

Moto Guzzi California

California is a rare motorcycle. The thing that the owner likes about California is its unique engine. It is a vertical twin engine. He says that there are vibrations in the first gear but as soon as shift it into the second it is one of the smoothest engines that you will experience. It has a very unique circular instrument console that displays everything. He owns two of them.

Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster

The Rocket has the biggest displacement engine in any production motorcycle. Mr. Patel owns the first generation of it that is finished in matte black and it is a roadster. He loves the raw feeling that you get when you ride it.

Harley Davidson V-Rod

The V-Rod is also a rare motorcycle. The owner has custom painted the motorcycle. The motorcycle was taken from his friend and he wanted it to go to someone who would take care of the motorcycle. The paint that was used has 24-carat gold dust in it. It was customised by well known Eimor Customs, Hyderabad.

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Mr. Patel owns an older generation of Fat Bob. It is finished in a matte cream colour. This one is also a cruiser motorcycle that has a lot of road presence on road.

Triumph Tiger

The Tiger is one of the best adventure cruisers that are currently on sale in the Indian market. Triumph also recently launched the new generation of the Tiger in the Indian market.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

The H2 is one of the most unique sounding motorcycles. It is the only motorcycle that comes with a supercharger bolted onto the engine which produces a unique whine when you rev the engine. Mr. Patel’s H2 is currently parked at the service station.