Indian woman in Dubai has been living in a Honda city for 4 years [Video]

Living in a car during a road trip may sound fun to many, but for some people, it’s their only option. Recently, we came across a report from Dubai about an Indian woman, Priya, who has been living in her Honda City sedan with her two dogs for the past four years. The video report, shared by Editoreal on YouTube, shows how she ended up living in a car in a city like Dubai.

Priya has been living in Dubai for nearly 40 years. Her parents had a business there and were well-settled, living in a good house like many other people abroad. However, things took a turn for the worse when Priya’s father passed away, and her mother fell ill and was bedridden for years. Priya had to spend a lot of money on her mother’s treatment, and the family faced losses in their business, leading to financial instability.

A few years ago, Priya’s mother passed away, and Priya was forced to leave the house she grew up in because she couldn’t afford the rent. Despite her efforts to get help, she was unsuccessful. So, she moved into her Honda City sedan with her two dogs, one of which is blind, and has been using it as her home for the past four years. She even carries her mother’s ashes in an urn in the car, as it was her mother’s last wish to have her ashes immersed in a river in India. However, Priya cannot leave the country due to travel restrictions and cases against her.

Indian woman in Dubai has been living in a Honda city for 4 years [Video]
Priya with her Honda City car

Priya has three bachelor’s degrees, but she has been unable to find a job and is currently working as a maid in the area. She leaves her dogs at her friend’s house in the morning and then goes to a nearby public convenience center to get ready for work. She fills up her car’s fuel tank, and it lasts almost four months because she doesn’t drive it a lot. Even when she does, she drives with the windows down and without the AC to save fuel. She owns three pair of dresses and the last time, she had gone out for shopping was almost 3 years ago.

Despite working as a maid, Priya is only able to make around 500 Dhs, and some of that money is being sent to her brother in India to support his medical treatment. Her visa has expired, and she is living in the country illegally, so she cannot ask for a higher wage or negotiate for better pay. Priya currently has liabilities worth 80,000 Dhs, which is close to 18 lakh INR.  In India, we have come across a similar case where a man from Karnataka has been living in his Premier Padmini sedan parked in a forest for the last 17 years. The man’s name is Chandrasekar and he once owned 1.5 acres of land where he grew areca nuts. He took a loan from the bank and could not repay it. The bank attached his land which he had mortgaged. He tried to get the land back but, he was unable to do so as the bank sold it to another party in an auction.