Indian woman in Dubai living in a Honda City for 4 years finally receives financial help [Video]

Remember the story of Priya, an Indian woman living in Dubai in her Honda City with her dogs for the past four years? When we wrote the article, we hoped the video would go viral, and Priya would get the help she needed. We believe many people who read the article or watched the video felt the same way. Our hopes did not go in vain. We now have another report stating that after four years of struggle, Priya has finally received all the help she needs.

The video was shared by Editoreal, the same YouTube channel that first shared Priya’s story on the internet. After the video was published online, many people became aware of Priya’s situation, and we received several messages asking for more information about her. Priya received help from Dubai-based Indian businesswoman Jasbir Bassi. As previously mentioned, Priya’s visa had expired, and for legal reasons, she was not allowed to leave the country. The financial liabilities, along with the fine for illegally living in Dubai for four years, totaled Rs 26 lakh.

Jasbir Bassi, a businesswoman from Punjab and the MD of Car Fare Group in Dubai, learned about Priya’s situation through Biju, who works at Car Fare Group, after seeing the video published by Editoreal. After learning more about Priya’s circumstances, Jasbir Bassi invited her to the company’s office, where she presented her with a cheque to cover all of Priya’s financial liabilities. Priya expressed gratitude for the help and can be heard thanking Jasbir in the latter part of the video.

Indian woman in Dubai living in a Honda City for 4 years finally receives financial help [Video]

In addition to providing financial assistance, Jasbir also offered Priya a job in her organization. As previously stated in our story, Priya has three bachelor’s degrees. Car Fare also offered her a car, but she declined the offer. She was extremely happy to accept the financial assistance and job offer, but she refused to sell or upgrade the Honda City in which she had been living for the past four years. The car holds an emotional value in her life because her mother spent her last days in the same car. Although the car’s air conditioning is not working, we believe Priya will repair it soon.

Priya has been living in Dubai for almost 40 years. Her parents had a successful business there and lived in a comfortable home, much like many other people living abroad. However, when Priya’s father passed away, and her mother became ill and bedridden for years, things took a turn for the worse. Priya had to spend a lot of money on her mother’s treatment, and the family faced losses in their business, leading to financial instability. A few years ago, Priya’s mother also passed away, and Priya has been carrying her ashes in an urn in the same car. Once her financial liabilities are settled, Priya is likely to travel to India with her mother’s ashes to immerse them in a holy river. Priya also had two dogs living with her in the car. When the video was first released, Priya was working as a maid and earning only 500 Dhs. We are delighted that Priya has finally received the help she needed.

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