Indian woman whose stunt went VIRAL caught, and fined

Stunters dream of their stunts going viral, but sometimes this is not a very good thing, especially when you stunt on public roads. Chandigarh police tracked down one such woman, Ravinder Kaur, whose stunts on public roads went viral, and fined her 3,000 rupees.

Indian woman whose stunt went VIRAL caught, and fined

Ravinder Kaur a.k.a. Ruby is a Chandigarh-based gym trainer and bike stunt woman, who’s been stunting for the past decade. An unidentified car driver filmed her stunting on a public road, on a Bajaj Pulsar a few days ago. The driver uploaded the stunt on Youtube.

Soon, the video went viral, and the cops at Chandigarh weren’t pleased with the law being broken at will. The cops sought the help of cyber specialists at Punjab Police, tracked down the IP address of the person who uploaded the video onto YouTube, and questioned him. They then zeroed in on Ravinder Kaur, fining her Rs. 3,000.

Here’s deputy superintendent of police, Yashpal’s statement on the incident,

This stunt was carried out on April 30 in between sector 17 and sector 9 of Chandigarh. We handled to track the vehicle and girl doing stunts and fined her Rs 3000. She has deposited the fine.

Stunter Ravinder Kaur (Ruby) had this to say after being fined,

I was sleeping when I got a call from the traffic police officers that I had actually broken traffic rules. I got afraid and even eliminated the accessories of my bike besides the colour. I realised that I ought to have avoided the stunts on a highway which totaled up to infraction of traffic guidelines. Now I have learnt a lesson as the stunt cost me dear. I paid Rs 3000 as fine and another Rs 2000 to re-paint the bike. I got scared at first after the police knocked at my doors but then decided that I will not offer up my enthusiasm which I have actually lived for last 10 years. I will not break any law but want to exhibit my talent if offered an opportunity at a larger platform. 

Via IndiaToday