Indian women are buying more SUVs now: Here’s why

SUVs are things that people associate with masculinity. However, according to the 2017 Women Automotive Buyer Survey done by PrimonAsia, a lot of female car buyers in India are opting for SUVs. So what does the report say?


The survey was done across 28 cities in India. Currently, 61% of the women own hatchbacks with 49.2% wanting to replace that with another hatchback. 18.4% of the people have sedans but 22.4% plan to buy one in the future. Only 7.3% women had MPVs and 7.7% wanted to get one in the future. In the SUV segment, 13.3 % women owned one with 20.7 % wanting to own one in the future.

Indian women are buying more SUVs now: Here’s why

Rajeev Lochan, the CEO of PrimonAsia had the following to say:

The shift between owners to future owners is strongest in the SUV segment and the drop is strongest in hatchbacks which shows that the SUV craze is not just a male obsession, it is also very much a female phenomenon.Also there are enough women buyers who attach importance to engine power and performance which is another myth buster.

But why a SUV?

There are a few reasons they would prefer SUVs:

Better visibility

The best part about a SUV is that you sit higher up. This means you have a better vision of the road ahead and of the traffic beside you, making it easier to drive.

Better ground clearance

Better ground clearance means less stuff to think about and easier to go places. You don’t have to worry about scraping on bumps or on bad roads, thus making it less stressful to drive.

More space for shopping

SUVs are spacious and have a lot of practicality associated with them. Most of them also have a lot of room on board, which means more space for shopping.

Easy to get in and out of

Due to the higher placement of the passenger cabin, most crossovers and compact SUVs are easier to get in and out of. Thus they are more liked.

Style statement

SUVs are trending in the market, globally, especially the compact ones. Everyone wants to have a SUV and it is no different among the women folk. SUVs are more butch and also have more bullying characteristics, allowing the driver to get away with more.

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