Indian YouTuber builds Harry Potter-style ‘Flying Broom’ [Video]

We have seen people coming up creative and unique ideas on internet. Most of the time, these ideas are inspired from some movies and here we have a YouTuber who has build a Harry-Potter style ‘Flying Broom’. It is not exactly a flying broom but, a scooter that is designed to look like a flying broom that we have seen in Harry Potter movies. Here we have video that shows how exactly did the Indian YouTuber make this flying broom from scratch.

The video has been uploaded by Creative Science on their YouTube channel. It is probably the most unique thing that one has seen on the road. It is actually an electric scooter that is designed to look like a flying broom. They started with rectangular metal pipes and cut it in an angle. Once they did that, the YouTuber and his friends arranged a electric scooter wheels with front forks. A handle bar was also arranged for this project. It was a simple looking handle bar which we normally see on a bycycle.

The metal portion extending from the front fork got ball bearing and the another piece of metal was installed above it so that the handle can be rotate left and right smoothly. A large metal pipe was then attached to the handle bar and it was placed in a manner that it looked like the handle of a broom. The metal pipe was supported by another piece of metal pipe. It was placed in such a manner that it does not interfer with the movement of the handle bar.

Indian YouTuber builds Harry Potter-style ‘Flying Broom’ [Video]

The metal bar which was acting as the broom handle then got a seat and a foot rest for the rider. At the end of the metal bar, they created provision to install a wheel. The wheel installed at the rear came with a hub motor which meant, they did not have to think about the motor placement. Just above the wheels is a where the battery and the controller for the batteries were mounted. They were neatly placed on the metal bar and were behind the rider. In order to achieve the flying broom effect, the YouTuber used a plastic bucket which is found in every Indian household and cut out a portion.

He stuck several brooms on the bucket to completely cover them and then placed it over the battery pack. This way, the rear wheels on this electric scooter were completely covered and the battery and controller unit was safe from water. After the bucket was installed it was giving an impression that the rear portion was suspended in air and that is why the YouTuber called it a flying broom. Once the whole set up was ready, they took evertthing down painted the metal bars and assembled it again. The YouTuber ensured that he was dressed like a witch and it was going well with the overall theme. People were surprised to see this broom like scooter on the road and many of them even started recording videos of the same.