India’s 5 most dangerous roads

India has one of the highest road accident and fatality rates in the world. Every year, the number of road accidents keep on increasing in most of the states. There are a few extremely dangerous stretches in India that are widely used by people. Here are such stretches and why they are so dangerous.

Delhi – Agra – Yamuna Expressway

India’s 5 most dangerous roads

The Delhi-Agra expressway is one of the newest expressways in India. The high-speed carriageway has cut short the distance between the two cities by a great amount.  However, a huge number of accidents are reported from the stretch. The high-speed stretch is made out of concrete that causes tyre temperature to rise quicker because of the increased friction. This causes a lot of tyre burst cases.

The stretch is also infamous for thick, blinding fog during the winters. This road has seen numerous pile-ups due to low visibility. Moreover, the expressway is secluded and a lot of robberies have happened in the past. All these factors make it one of the most dangerous roads in India.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway

India’s 5 most dangerous roads

Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India’s first concrete 6-lane expressway and it is used by thousands of motorists daily. However, parts of the expressway are ghat sections that make high-speed driving quite dangerous. Even though speed limits have been enforced through the highway, the lack of awareness sees a lot of high-speed drivers causing accidents.

The concrete expressway also becomes extremely slippery during rain, which causes vehicles to skid.and loss control. The expressway is also infamous for numerous landslides that can massive accidents.

Tabo – Manali

India’s 5 most dangerous roads

Even though there are even more treacherous routes in the deeper Himalayas, the Tabo-Manali route is used by many tourists every year. The stretch remains under the cover of snow for the better part of the year. Also, the routes are not maintained and repaired as often as the Manali-Leh highway because it is not very strategic from Army’s point of view. The route is extremely secluded and treacherous. Only a few villages fall on the way so if anything major happens, there is no quick help on the way. There is also a scarcity of fuel pumps on this stretch and the non availability of phone network on the whole stretch.

Kanyakumari Cochin – NH66

India’s 5 most dangerous roads

Kanyakumari – Cochin highway is a single-laned highway that is full of slow moving vehicle like trucks. The undivided highway goes through many cities and there is no footover bridge or underpasses for the pedestrians to crossover. The stretch sees a high number of accidents. Also, the single lane highway makes it difficult for the vehicles to overtake each other and due to restlessness of the people, a lot of high-speed incidents take place.


India’s 5 most dangerous roads

The Delhi-Kolkata highway is one of the most dangerous stretches in India. A part of the stretch is Delhi-Agra expressway and soon the Agra-Lucknow Expressway will also become a part of it. The high speed expressways see a lot of accidents every day. The highway has 59 black spots and is the busiest highway in India. The Delhi-Kolkata highway sees the most number of accidents each year making it the most dangerous stretch in India.