India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

The SUV segment is the most popular segment in the whole world currently. Every manufacturer has now started offering a SUV. In fact, some of the new manufacturers like Jeep, Kia and MG Motor only offer SUVs and they are performing fairly decent in the market. However, not everyone was able to afford a SUV because of their higher price tag. That is where compact-SUVs came in and is one of the hottest segment in the Indian market with new launches or updated continuously. Today, we list down India’s 5 best-selling SUVs of 2021.

Hyundai Creta

India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

The current generation of Creta was showcased first at the Auto Expo 2020 and it snatched the first position in terms of sales as soon as it was launched again in the Indian market. Hyundai sold 12,284 units of Creta in Jan-21 that is 78 percent more than the 6,900 sales figure of Jan-20. That is the reason that it is still the king of the mid-size SUV segment. Some competitors like the Seltos and Hector did manage to take the spot for some time, but it was reclaimed as soon as the new generation was launched last year. Hyundai Creta starts from Rs. 9.99 lakhs ex-showroom.

Hyundai Venue

India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

Hyundai Venue is the only compact-SUV that managed to steal the first position from the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. The Venue was a fair bit late to enter the compact-SUV segment, but since its launch, it has been one of the best selling compact-SUVs consistently in the Indian market. Hyundai managed to sell 11,779 units of Venue in Jan-21 which is a 75 percent increase over the 6,733 units that were sold in Jan-20. One of the reasons, for this, is the low starting cost of just Rs. 6.86 lakhs ex-showroom. Other reasons are the multiple engine options that Hyundai offers. There is a turbocharged petrol engine, naturally-aspirated petrol engine and a diesel engine. The turbo variant is also offered with a 7-speed Dual-Clutch automatic gearbox which is one of the best in the segment. Then there is the iMT or intelligent Manual Transmission that was introduced last year. It is also offered with the turbo petrol engine and it gives the convenience of driving a clutchless vehicle but the driver still needs to operate the gear shifts.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

The Vitara Brezza has been one of the best selling compact-SUVs since its launch in the Indian market. With the facelift things just got better, the SUV was able to take its sales numbers back. Maruti Suzuki was able to sell 10,623 units of the Vitara Brezza in Jan-21 which is almost a 5 percent increase when compared to 10,134 units of Jan-20. It is only offered with a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza starts from Rs. 7.39 lakhs ex-showroom.

Kia Seltos

India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

Kia took the market by storm when it first launched the Seltos. Everyone was impressed by the way it handled, its design, its features and its performance. This is still true due to which it is still selling in strong numbers. However, in Jan-21 the sales were not as strong as Jan-20. This year the sales were 9,869 units, whereas last year the sales were 15,450 units. That is a difference of around 36 percent. The Seltos is offered with the same engine and transmission options that are offered on the Hyundai Creta. Kia Seltos is priced from Rs. 9.89 lakhs ex-showroom.

Kia Sonet

India’s 5 top-selling SUVs in 2021

Kia’s latest addition to their line-up is the Sonet which is a compact-SUV. Despite launching just last year, the new compact-SUV has managed to have a place in the top 5 selling SUVs of 2021. Kia sold 8,859 units in Jan-21 and it is offered with the same engine options like the Hyundai Venue because under the skin both are the same vehicle. However, the Venue does look more muscular and aggressive. It starts from Rs. 6.79 lakhs ex-showroom.

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