India’s 6 most EXPENSIVE car number plates

Registration plates on cars have more significance than we might assume. Even though we stay in a country where having your own vehicle itself seems like a huge achievement, there are a select few in the country who can get the number plates as per their choice as well. Of course, the one benefitting from this access given to only a select few is the RTO. Since the registration plates in India cannot be completely customized, therefore, RTOs put registration plates with single and double-digit numbers on auction. As India is a country with a lot of superstitious people, it’s easy for RTOs to make sales beyond reasonable value and earn a lot of money from this business. Here are a few such registration plates which are easily as expensive as a brand new car.

Toyota Fortuner

Registration number price: Rs 34 lakh

James Bond fan – Ashik Patel bid for the “007” registration number recently. He spent more than Rs 34 lakh for getting the number for his new Toyota Fortuner. The price of the Fortuner starts at about Rs 30 lakh and this registration number costs even more than that.

Porsche 718 Boxster

Registration number price: Rs 31 lakhs

India’s 6 most EXPENSIVE car number plates

K.S. Balagopal from Kerela owns one of the most expensive registration plates on his Porsche 718 Boxster. The registration plate which goes like KL 01 CK 0001 costed him Rs. 31 Lakhs. The 718 Boxster that Mr Balagopal drives cost him Rs. 90 Lakhs, ex-showroom. He must really want the number plate and therefore spent over one-third of his car’s cost on the number plate.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC200

Registration number plate price: Rs 18 lakhs

India’s 6 most EXPENSIVE car number plates

The LC200 Land Cruiser is another prized possession in Mr Balagopal’s garage. He went ahead with the same 001 registration number for his Land Cruiser as well. Its been a while since the auction for this number plate was won by Mr Balagopal and the deal back then was closed at Rs. 18 Lakhs. The Toyota Land Cruiser comes with the registration number ‘KL 01 CB 0001’ and costed Mr Balagopal about Rs. 1 crore, ex-showroom. With this, Mr Balagopal becomes the owner of two of the most expensive registration plates in India.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC200

Registration number plate price: 17 lakhs

India’s 6 most EXPENSIVE car number plates

On the third place, of owning one of the most expensive number plates in India is Mr Jagjit Singh from Chandigarh. He auctioned and won the number plate “CH 01 AN 0001′ for his Toyota Land Cruiser. The black coloured Land Cruiser is one of the most expensive cars in his garage and he owns several other high-end cars with the registration number ‘0001’, however, the price of those number plates are not revealed to us.

Jaguar XJ L

Registration number plate price: 16 lakhs

Rrahul Taneja is one of India’s typical rags to riches story. He started off as an auto-rickshaw driver, but his hard work has made him very successful. Rrahul is known to spend over Rs 40 Lakhs on owning the registration plates of his choice, however, the most expensive number plate is worth Rs. 16 Lakhs. Jaipur RTO has announced this to be the most expensive registration plates in Jaipur.

BMW 5-Series

Registration number plate price: 10.3 lakhs

Rrahul Taneja is known to own the next most expensive number plate, priced at Rs. 10.31 Lakhs for the registration of his BMW 5-Series. Even this registration ends with “1”. Rrahul is known to believe in numerology strongly and hence thinks that the number 1 is lucky for her. He sold off his 5-Series, however has retained the registration plate and is using it on 7-Series.