India’s 7 INSANE ‘jugaad’ cars

Indians have coined the word “jugaad” which is a term of making anything work with home-made ingenuous solutions. Jugaads can be seen all over the automotive world in India. Here are seven jugaad cars from India which take insane to an all-new level.


Due to the pot-hole rich roads of India, the hotrods are not very popular. However, in the developed countries, hotrods can be seen at various car gatherings. Here is a hotrod made in Punjab. The open body is made of fibre and looks fabulous.

It also gets big; fat tyres placed away from the body so that the low-stance of the vehicle can be maintained. It is a classic looking vehicle and sounds great too. It is made on a custom chassis and is powered by an Isuzu 1.8-litre engine. The front suspension system comes from Contessa.

Caterpillar track

This is a warfare tank inspired vehicle that gets caterpillar tracks. The vehicle is from Andhra Pradesh and looks truly unique. It gets a total of 8 tyres and is operated by use on two sticks. There is no steering wheel in the vehicle. The vehicle is turned using independent brakes fitted for each track.

It is powered by a petrol generator and also gets a gearbox. The person who made the vehicle says that the inspiration came from a Russian video. The vehicle is very lightweight and can tackle any kind of road surface or off-road terrain with ease.

Miniature Jeep

A 60-year-old mechanic from Punjab came with a solution for the shrinking road space in India. The micro Jeep has been built in the backyard and looks like a cartoonish, miniature Willy’s Jeep. It took a total of two years to build the car from scrap. It is said to be the smalled car powered by a conventional engine in India.

The maker regularly takes it on the roads, and it can reach up to 60 km/h. It is powered by a scooter’s engine and gets tyres from scooters too. It can seat up to four people.

Wood car

India’s 7 INSANE ‘jugaad’ cars

The car has been made in Punjab by a father-son duo. The whole body of the vehicle is made up of wood, and the idea conceptualised when the son wanted to make something unique from the wood. The carpenter father along with the son showed their skills on the unique vehicle.

It took 2 and a half months to build the vehicle at a makeshift workshop at their home. The engine, transmission and the chassis come from a Maruti Suzuki 800.


India’s 7 INSANE ‘jugaad’ cars

The miniature car is made in a backyard and gets classic car looks. The builders of the vehicle say that it took only Rs. 25,000 to build the vehicle. It can seat up to two people and gets a steering wheel and a small engine. It was built to provide transport to people who cannot afford bigger vehicles.

Bamboo works

India’s 7 INSANE ‘jugaad’ cars

This bamboo car from Telangana seems to be inspired by the popular bamboo car in Bogota, Columbia. The open top vehicle looks very stylish and also gets doors designed by carving out wood. The car gets functional headlamps; rear view mirrors and turn indicators too. The retro-design inspired vehicle also gets a spare wheel mounted on the side.

Metal bucket

India’s 7 INSANE ‘jugaad’ cars

This classic car inspired build actually looks like a backyard job. The car gets small tyres and a metal body that seems to be fabricated at by the builder himself. The car gets four doors and four seats.

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